MoM – Kanini Review Meet – Oct 2012 (28/10/12)

Agenda Discussed
  • Major problems in Zones
  • Syllabus coverage: NIIT and MS tests
  • Teams: HR & Tech
  • Plans for next year: yours and for your zone
  • Succession plan, future leaders in your zone
  • Responsibilities to other cities
  1. Centre updates in GDocs
  2. No centre had Tech related issues!
  3. HR Team + Vaishnavi to focus on filling the gaps in Kanini volunteer requirement by re-imagining process
  4. HR: Increase volunteer bonding
  5. Kathambari + Vaishnavi to re-work Kanini at Orientation
  6. Kathambari + Syllabus team to provide solution for centres that aren’t likely to complete syllabus this year
  7. Gopal to restrict children at Home of Hope
  8. Chitlapakkam centre to be started only in 2013
Feedack given by Bhargav on Kanini:
  • Lack of processes
  • Lack of succession planning or grooming of leadership

Attended by: Kathambari, Jaishri, Gopalakrishnan, Bhargav & Dr.Prahalathan

3-5.30 PM @ Bhumi office on 28/10/12

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