B to Z – The nation wants to know

What is the difference between a good centre team and a great centre level team?

Which one is yours? The nation wants to know!

This is a contest between centre teams of all Ignite projects across India.

All of us understand the importance of tracking, (to understand further please speak to a Lead Bhumi coordinator in your city) measuring and communicating what we do. Bhumi is shifting to Zoho (B to Z) to track all of it, and as a first step we will begin with class attendance of children and volunteers.

“B to Z ” is to find out the best team of volunteers at a centre level in each city and across the country who care the most for the impact of their work and are tracking the same effectively. The event rewards centre level teams for several one-time and weekly milestones.

Training relevant to centre coordinators
Training for LB / NST
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Best teams will receive national recognition in Bhumi social media channels. Exciting Bhumi goodies to be won every week and surprise prizes also to be announced.