A special event for volunteers – Bhumi Mumbai Adventure Race

One fine evening over a glass of water, Bhumi Coordinators decided to do Bhumi Mumbai Adventure Race (BMAR) instead of BPL. And it was successfully conducted on 17 June 2017.

The agenda of the event was to provide Mumbai Volunteers a platform to explore the heritage, history and culture of Mumbai along with a platform to raise awareness about Bhumi’s social initiatives and the importance of volunteerism. Also it was a unique opportunity to collaborate with volunteers from the other projects and to imbibe strategizing and team building.

It was a team-based event knitted like a treasure hunt with three driving factors:

  • Clues for Site Hopping
  • On Spot activities
  • Luck-by-chance

10 teams (4 in a team) participated in the event; all the teams brewed with excitement during the entire day. The event kick started with a word puzzle. As and when the teams completed the puzzle, we handed over the hunt sheet with all clues to solve.

The enthusiastic teams started solving the clues and scampered to different locations. The onus was on the team to ensure they make use of only public transport, as brownie points would be given to the teams showing train/bus tickets. WhatsApp group was created for each of the team and it was kind of a lifeline for them. Every hour they would receive a new task and they had to send a pic/video of it.

Tasks given to the teams:

  • Register 6 strangers for Bhumi -100 points for each registration
  • Feed 2 stray dogs – 200 points
  • Give a note of thanks along with a bottle of water to Traffic Cops
  • Flip a bottle (Luck By Chance)

Finally the task was to the jury to tally final score sheet. The teams were getting impatient wanting to know if they had made it to the top two. It was a very close competition and all teams did exceptionally well. The runners up group had Mumbai’s LEM PC and her friends, while the winning team was a mixed group of existing volunteers and new prospective volunteers.

The Father of Our Lady’s Home handed over the certificates and medals to the winners. Participants came up giving a positive feedback about the event, and expressed how they would like to support Bhumi further. Cheers to the organizing committee for making this event a super success.