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Bhumi Premier League, Pune, April 2015

The Bhumi Premier league 2015, held on 12th April 2015, Pune was basically a platform for all the volunteers from various projects in Pune to come together, play cricket and in general get to know each other. The end of the year volunteer activity was successfully organised and attended by a majority of active volunteers.


Two major activities were organised during BPL:

1) The cricket matches between teams from various projects. 

Four teams in total from various projects (LEM, LES, Kanini and Hi5) participated in a knockout tournament. Registration for the teams was done beforehand. An additional point that we organizers stressed on during the formation of each individual team was the addition of members from other project groups per team.

2) Appreciation certificates for volunteers from various projects. 

Arrangements were made for the appreciation certificates for volunteers from various projects for their all year round involvement and commitment to the BHUMI activities.

Lunch was arranged at the end of the tournament which was enjoyed by all.

The highlights of the event:

Participating Teams:

1) Kanini

2) LE Maths

3) LE Science

4) Hi5

Winning Team: LE Science

1st Runner up: Kanini

2nd Runner up: LE Maths

Total number of volunteers attending: 28

The following donations were arranged during the organisation of this event.

Name: Anvita Kale

Donation amount: 1001/-

Name: Shilpa Oak

Donation amount: 1001/-


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