Bulb of the Month – March 2014

sriram cartoon

When all of us were planning on a birthday bash for arwindh during gnanmbigai’s farewell with me explaining the plan to cut cake @00.00 in arwindh’s house Sriram suddenly questions “EN DA 12 MANIKU CAKE VETUREENGE; Kalaila elundriche vetalame”
Nanga’lam gathi kalangi poitom.

yog cartoon

Our Major Yogesh ordered an unknown soup after seeing a unique soup name.. It seems he didn’t like it; so he was a bit hesitant to drink it. When I asked “ENNA MACHA SOUP PUDIKALAYA?”  he said “MACHA ENNAKU SOUP CHILL NU IRRUNDA DAN DA PUDIKUM” Lokesh replied “CHILL NU IRRUNDA ADHU JUICE DA SOUP ILLA ….”

*Caution: Jokes are subject to timing risks;Read the situations related documents carefully before analyzing the humor in it… :p

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