Careers: Math lab facilitator

About Altius

Altius Foundation looks at new age transformational ideas that are scalable and have great impact on specific areas in the field of education. We’ve designed and implemented two projects and continue to scale up. Through our project – Gift a Future, a web-based program that provides educational assistance to rural students for completing secondary education and Karka, which attempts to showcase a new model of education facilitated by technology, the Foundation covers a wide spectrum of school education in a focused manner.

Why Karka Math lab?

On one hand, ASER reports came out with shocking numbers in the year 2010 about Mathematical skills in children. On the other, there have been incredibly foresighted, education scientists and policy makers opening our minds to the kinds of change possible. Khan Academy’s free, open source Math resource got us thinking. Could we use technology to bridge this gap?

How does our project use technology in a unique and innovative way?

The uniqueness of this project is the use of technology

  • to provide a personalized learning path at students own pace,
  • facilitated by instructors and
  • supported by peer tutoring

which results in higher grades and improved self confidence.

Teacher/Facilitator role

The aim is to create a belief system that students can learn either on their own or in association with other students.

The key role is to observe and understand how a student learns and where he/she has difficulties in learning. We need to provide support where the student has difficulties. Encourage the student to learn on his/her own.

Qualifications of the teacher / facilitator

The person must be a graduate (not necessarily math) , have a liking for maths. He/She must be capable of communicating in English and be comfortable in handling computers.

Pay Scale: around Rs.12,000/-

If you are interested please contact Mr.Krithivasan  @ 9444231243