Children’s Day Celebration@Bala Mandir

Just as festival season starts; the cold days are accompanied by watering mouths; delicious sweets; glittering gifts.What not? Here are the accounts of memories for you to sit back and relish. And few colorful moments that glitter..

For Lakshyans, Children’s day celebrations is a favorite festival. And here’s how the celebrations were at Bala Mandir:

The children’s day preparation started off; a week ago with all the volunteers deciding on the games and activities and videos. A huge box full of options was available before us and after considering the pros and cons of them; we decided on a few short films and activities that could excite the kids.

On the day… early in the morning it was raining heavily but the volunteers wouldn’t give up on that. Everybody grabbed a raincoat and hit the centre. The plans were changed when we saw the girls dressed up in traditional dresses; we thought that they wouldn’t be able to run around. They soon surprised us all by buckling up to play Kho-Kho, and the traditional “running and catching” with the volunteers.

We were all awed by the girls’ spirit. Never the less they played a fantastic game against the guys :p . The volunteers mustered up all their energy to match that of the kids. It was a heartfelt happiness to play with them.They helped us go back to our teens, lose everything behind and play the game. Even though we felt quite miserable about the rain, the kids changed our moods instantly with their exuberance and involvement.

This was followed by their favourite part, the short films which was focused on bullying, comedy, etc., The celebrations came to an end with the distribution of certificates for The Doodle for Google winner; of course there is no Children’s day without chocolates. 😉

~ Lakshmi, Chennai

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