Cloud Vidyashram: An internship opportunity


Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that provides free world-class education for anyone, anywhere in the world through pre-recorded videos. They have an extensive library of more than 4,200 videos predominantly in Maths and Science.

These videos have transformed learning for thousands of students, mostly reaching to those  students who are comfortable in understanding English. What is preventing these videos from being accessible to a larger student population is localization – the language barrier.

Report Bee is partnering with AMM Foundation to launch Cloud Vidyashram, an educational initiative that envisions to provide “quality education that is free for all” using the available technology and knowledge in the public domain. The aim is to translate selected Khan Academy videos to tamil and offer it to schools in a format that can be easily consumed by students.

In order to make the project a success, a pilot phase is planned to be implemented in June. Three topics have been chosen based on the samacheer kalvi syllabus and videos from the khan academy have been mapped accordingly. The videos chosen have been translated in Tamil.

Project Implementation The project will be implemented in two schools that are fairly representative of the Tamil medium schools in the state. 1. Guindy corporation school – Government school (Tamil Medium) 2. SRM School – Private school run by AMM foundation (Tamil Medium)

Objectives The main goal of the pilot project is to ascertain, 1. The impact of the programme on the learning and the performance of the children over time 2. The difficulties in implementation and ground realities for which we can develop a contingency plan for the scaled up implementation

In order to implement the project successfully, we are on the lookout for interns. Time Period: June 20th – September 20th Roles and responsibilities of an Intern – Responsible for the successful running of one school – Expected to monitor the schools when the children are viewing the videos – Have the real time experience of collecting data and doing analysis – Collect feedback from teachers and children on the project – Initiate discussions with the lead and spell out his/her observations on the project Benefits 1. Certificate of appreciation from Padma Bhushan Mr. MV Subbiah from the Murugappa group of companies 2. Interactions with bureaucrats and policy makers 3. The infinite satisfaction of creating a better future for the future India and 4. Surprise goodies

Contact For more information you could reach, Ms. Sharanya Bharath | Ph: 09884364983 | M: [email protected]

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