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Media Wiki is a free and open source wiki software, used to power wiki websites such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Commons, developed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Nithin, a lakshyan from Banagalore, has been part of the team which is involved in launching mediawiki for all the projects in Bhumi.

Here’s a what Nithin has to say about it:

“I’m associated with Lakshya Bangalore since August 2013. I’m currently responsible to maintain Media Wiki site for Lakshya. I feel this is a good initiative to put together, all information related to Lakshya into a wiki page and provide access to that information to all existing and new volunteers. This will help them know required information faster.
I feel it is also a good platform for having discussions on issues / topics related to Lakshya.
Currently, it has some information about WOW of Lakshya events and sessions. It needs to be updated with existing list of volunteers, their roles and  responsibilities.”


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