Educational Crisis Scholarship Support – a CSR initiative of HDFC Bank

Education is central to human progress and pivotal in the growth of communities and economies. HDFC Bank seeks to empower the communities it touches by empowering young minds.

The Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS) is one such programme that has been envisaged to provide interim education support to children facing a personal or financial exigency. ECSS has been conceptualized to provide assistance to students affected by such issues so that their family can deal with a difficult situation or a crisis without any adverse effect on their children’s education.

We request you to introduce the programme in your organization and share with your partner organizations and invite you to send applications of eligible students for the HDFC Bank’s Scholarship programme. The Application Form can be downloaded from the Bank’s website will be available from 1st May, 2015 to 5th July, 2015. Filled in application forms should be submitted latest by 5th July, 2015.

Please note: This scholarship is for children facing a crisis situation such as bereavement/separation/loss of job/terminal illness/ permanent disability due to accident in the family.

We look forward to your support to ensure that the programme reaches the deserving students.

Details about the ECSS programme is available on For any query please write to [email protected]