The super excited kids who participated in Nakshatra gave us interesting feedbacks. Almost all had the same questions when we met them post Nakshatra, “How were we on stage?” and “When is the next Nakshatra?” One such experience, taken as an interview is mentioned below;

Volunteer: How was the day?

Kid: “Bohot maja aya” (I enjoyed the day. Had too much fun)

Volunteer: How did you feel on the stage while performing?

Kid: “Dance karne ko bohot acha laga. thoda daara mai pehle. Par badme sab ke samne nachne me maja aya” (Dancing in front of everyone in the auditorium was a scary but awesome experience for me).

Volunteer: Did you like the food? What was your favorite item?

Kid: “Bohot tasty tha. Sabse acha Gulab Jamun. Maine 5 khaye!!!” (The food was very tasty. Favorite was Gulab Jamun, of which I ate 5!!!!)

Volunteer: Tell me your favorite performance of the day.

Kid: “Mera dance. Aur fir jo mere friend ne face painting kiya tha who. Aur jo ‘Chitiyan Kalayaan’ pe dance kiya tha who mujhe bohot acha laga” (I loved my own dance. And next best was the face painting that my friend had done. I thought the dance performance on the song ‘Chitiyaan kalayaan’ was the best).

Volunteer: Will you participate in the next Nakshatra? What will you do?

Kid: “Haan. Pakka karunga. Kab hai next wala? Mai agli baar acting karunga, mujhe bohot achi ati hai. Dikhau?” (Yes, definitely. When is the next Nakshatra? I will act in front of the audience. I can act out a number of people. Want me to show?)

And then the interview was forgotten in the midst of the enthusiastic acting by the kid.

But all in all, everyone is waiting and gearing up for the next showdown. Hope to see these kids soon.