Fun Fair (Volunteer Activity)

Volunteer interaction is an important aspect of the Bhumi culture for the smooth functioning of the

projects. Keeping this in mind, another volunteer activity (Knowledge fest and Cultural event) was

organised during the summer break. Another facet of this activity was a workshop for skill

development stress bursting in collaboration with RGITBT, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. The

Fun n Fair activity was conducted at the Bholagiri school, Pune on 9th May 2015. The event was

segregated in 3 sessions;

1. Skill Development and Stress Busting session:

Principal, Prof. Sharma, and other senior Professors from RGITBT, Bharati Vidyapeeth University

were introduced to Bhumi volunteers and kids from the school. Volunteers and kids of Bholagiri

Centre participated in the workshop headed by Dr. Nilambika, Prof. and H.O.D Department of

Plant tissue culture, and her team of students and other lecturers. A small demonstration to

make Bottle Gardens, Test tube Plants, Wax Candles and Handmade chocolate bouquets was

conducted in groups of 10 (Volunteers and kids). Stalls for the items made in this session (Bottle

gardens, test tube plants and Wax candles) were put up for fund raising. The interaction of the

kids with the college staff was the ‘moment of the day’.

2. Knowledge Fest:

For the interaction of the old and new volunteers, a short activity themed as “Introduce Your

Inner Self” was organised next. Volunteers actively participated introducing themselves and also

presented their views on “How to bring about a positive change in the society”.

3. Fun Time:

We had a guitar performance by one of our talented volunteers Vaibhav and a song by Ashwini.

An In-house DJ was active during the entire event, dedications and requests were pouring in

right from the start. The event was also brightened with a game, “Queen of Sheeba”, where in

volunteers and kids were divided in teams and asked to hunt for various things to win.


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