Application Open: Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program)

Youth Alliance’s initiative “Gramya Manthan” (Rural Immersion Program).  Youth Alliance is an organization working with a vision to “Connect EACH Youth With a Cause”. We aim to build a movement of young leaders equipped to meet India’s problems by designing processes to identify young individuals with a spark to think innovatively for the larger social good. We do this by conducting programs where they get experiential exposure in both urban and rural space to identify their passion.

Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) aims at bridging the gap between India and Bharat. It will select 50 most amazing hearts from the country and take them on a rural exploration. The idea is to make youth realize the pressing issues of our country, it will help them understand the problems of our villages and execute solution during the course of program.

Gramya Manthan is dedicated to developing social leaders; well-rounded youngsters who are equipped with leadership skills to solve the challenges faced by Indian villages. Its core aim is to ignite young hearts with holistic concern for their society and nation.

Impact of Gramya Manthan ’12

The last Gramya Manthan saw participation from across the country with participants from 11 states who internalized the problems of the villages and came up with implementable solutions in education and livelihood. Youth Alliance has helped alumnus establish a livelihood center, “Swaraj as well as alearning center “Kilkari” in the villages which has helped build trust and confidence in the process. Our another alumni Manoranjan started “Ek PAHAL” is an enterprise in Kashi, Bihar with a mission to impact the lives of students, enabling them to maximize their potential by reforming education.

PFA the concept note on Gramya Manthan.

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