Interesting Links

  1. – this is certainly going to redefine the way we teach children in future.. Augmented reality is a brilliant image recognition technology that helps children to visualise and feel what they learn. We can buy some books that comes with free apps to read those books. These can be projected on screen to teach the children. Especially LES can take great advantage of this technology.. To start with we can buy the book on solar system.
  2. – this site provides the comparative prices of any book across top 6-7 sites like amazon, flipkart, infibeam , landmark and some such. But what more interesting is that they have an excellent blog on books – everyday they review a book and each review is 1-3 minutes read at max. We can search for books that are appropriate to our children and use for library initiative
  3. – this is a great website to explore the world of maps! We can start introducing these in the sessions of our existing projects like SPO / NRA / LES / LAK. Alternatively we can try this for weekday engagement or even roll it out as a separate project.
  4. – this has a huge collection of videos including many for educating children that can be used in many of our sessions as a prelude or closure. I couldnt explore more on how to search on interested categories.
  5. – this is a collaborative blogging page
  6. – this is good collection of articles and reviews on various topics. Provides deeper insights in some topics. Need further exploration.
  7. – this is the blog of Lakshmi Rebecca who writes a lot about social entrepreneurs from India. We may get some good ideas or partnerships.
The following links have been compiled by Reshma, Lakshya volunteer, Chennai