Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Bengaluru

Following with our series on Lakshya Kick-off at Chennai centres, we are back with updates from our Bangalore & Trichy Lakshya centres. Lets hear it out from one of our Bangalore volunteer:

“It was my first day at Bhumi for lakshya session. My team met up at BBMP High School in Bangalore. We started off with a group discussion on how do we carry out the activity which was planned. All of us were involved in carrying out a demo before starting it with the children. We were prepared and walked to the school play ground. We carried out the activities with enthusiasm and I must say that it was truly an ice breaker. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. The children were also very happy. Also, I observed that a few of the children were very creative in executing the activity in a completely different way. Overall, I had an amazingly wonderful experience being with them, getting to know them as well and also I had a very good and valuable time with these children who look forward for support, guidance and trust. I thank Bhumi and Lakshya for giving me this opportunity to contribute for a better tomorrow.”

– Chethna, BBMP High School, Bangalore

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