Lead Bhumi 2014-15

Bhumi believes that every under-privileged child deserves quality education. We have transformed this conviction into a volunteering opportunity for India’s youth, launching a snowball effect of talent nurturing talent on the path to an educated, poverty-free India.
Volunteers who choose to lead enable tens, if not hundreds, of other volunteers in impacting thousands of lives. We believe Bhumi is a platform for young people to incubate their leadership skills.
Lead Bhumi … Lead India
Phase 1:
Phase 2:

The team from Bangalore:

Clockwise: Shwetha, Sriranjan, Sahithya, Uttara and Shubhadra
Clockwise: Shwetha, Sriranjan, Sahithya, Uttara and Shubhadra

Sriranjan Gorty, City Coordinator

A blend of energy, passion, hard-work and motivation, he’s raring to volunteer and promote volunteering to his fullest potential. He has been associated with Bhumi for the last four yrs and he believes that each day drives him more to fulfill our common dream of ‘Change today … Change tomorrow’

Subhadra Bhagavatula, Project Coordinator, Speak Out

A Chartered Accountant working with Goldman Sachs in Bangalore since December 2010. She is hard working and ambitious, passionate about bringing a change to our society. She loves working with children of all shapes and sizes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing and gardening.

Shweta Tripathy, Project Coordinator, Lakshya

She strongly believes in “When you were born you cried while the world rejoiced. Live a life such that when you die you rejoice while the world cries to leave you”. So every moment of her life, she wishes to spread immense happiness to all those around. She’s passionate about dancing to the beat of every possible tune and loves being around kids.

Uttara Turumella, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins – Mathematics

A software engineer by profession, she started volunteering to spend her free time doing something productive. Little did she know then that volunteering will change her life (for better, of course). She joined Bhumi 2 years back and since then, there has been no turning back!

Sahithya Sreenath, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins – Mathematics

Currently working for Oracle India Pvt Ltd, she completed her Masters in Software Engineering from VIT University and has been working for the past 2 years now. She’s a dreamer by nature and believes in working hard to turn my dreams into reality. Writing is her stress-buster.

The team from Chennai:

Clockwise: Preetha, Smithi, Anerudh, Janavi, Samantha
Clockwise: Preetha, Smithi, Anerudh, Janavi, Samantha

Smithi Manickam, HR Coordinator, Nakshatra Reach Out Dance

A confident, outgoing and broad-minded person. She believes in standing up for her opinions and does what she thinks is right. She is more of a positive person who gains happiness in whatever she does and loves sharing her happiness. She enjoys dancing, fitness, long drives, trekking and more. 

Janavi, HR Coordinator, Nakshatra Reach Out Arts

An ambitious media student trying to bring a change in the way this whole world lives. A theatre artist who loves to write and paint. A Marathi woman who loves the Tamil culture and started following it. An Indian, a woman, a Bhumian.

Anerudh Murali, HR Coordinator, Nakshatra Reach Out Sports

Jovial, frank and down to earth person with whom everyone feels warm. For him work comes first, rest is secondary He says that a few months ago, he struggled to even get the kids together, but now even before he arrives their warm up is done – such is his impact on the kids.

Samantha N, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

An IT professional, she was born and brought up in Chennai. She is fun-loving and loves to interact with people. She says “be the change you want to see”.

Preetha, Project Coordinator, Fundraising

An IT professional with close to six years of experience in various projects. She plans to pursue her MBA in consulting and says she is passionate about the causes that Bhumi supports.

Saki Kripakaran, HR Coordinator, Nakshatra Reach Out Music

Gerad, Project Coordinator, Nakshatra Reach Out Sports

The team from Coimbatore:

Clockwise: Prahadeesh, Ankita, Ambarish
Clockwise: Prahadeesh, Ankita, Ambarish

Ambarish Singh Panwar R, Project Coordinator, REFRESH

He has a view that is different from most; he maintains a focus on the past, present, and future to ensure he is positioned to dedicate himself to making a difference – and he is happy to say that he has helped thousands of needy. He is also an nature lover and a cricket fan.

Prahadeesh B, Project Coordinator, Kanini

Currently running S.L.Engineering works which manufacture automobile spares. A graduate in the disciple of Information Technology, his hobbies include photography and reading books.

Ankita P Raichura, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

Works as a processor in Vitae International Accounting Services Pvt Ltd., she has completed her B.Com and MBA. She loves theater and has taken part in plays and dramas which were organized in her college and work place. During her spare time she likes to cook. Apart from this, she loves to watch movies, and is an absolute movie buff.

Mahendran M, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

Veeramanikandan.C, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Science

Showmya J, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Science

The team from Delhi:

Clockwise: Ayesha, Ketan, Aniket, Ashwin and Ashir
Clockwise: Ayesha, Ketan, Aniket, Ashwin and Ashir

Aniket Jain, Project Coordinator, Lakshya

A lawyer currently practising in the High Court. He did his schooling from St. Columba’s School in Delhi and his law from GGSIP University, Delhi. He plans to eventually start his individual practice in the Supreme Court of India.

Ashwin Ravichandran, Project Coordinator, Speak Out

Born in Delhi, studied in Madras, graduated in Coimbatore, graduated again in Delhi and lived life across the country. Bread and butter earned by writing LOC’s for websites. Live life by teaching kids.

Ketan Bhatt, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Maths & Science

An Engineering student and an occasional blogger, he loves food, enjoys traveling, reading and writing. He says that he was looking for ways to spend his time in something that, for once, was not completely selfish. He wanted to do something that had the potential to effect lives other than mine. In Bhumi he got his answer.

Ashir Aseesh Borah, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Science & Hi5 club

Born in Guwahati, Assam, he moved to Delhi to complete his senior secondary education from Delhi Public School, RK Puram. He loves to work with Bhumi because in the process of working for the society, he is learning a lot more about myself and discovering new things every day.

Ayesha Datta, Project Coordinator, Joy to the World

Currently pursuing sociology, she started volunteering with Bhumi just a few months back. She enjoys dancing, painting and loves to get engaged in social work. She has interned with organisations like CRY and has campaigned against child labour.

The team from Hyderabad:

Clockwise: Vignesh, Rakesh, Adityavalli, Dharini, Utkarsh
Clockwise: Vignesh, Rakesh, Adityavalli, Dharini, Utkarsh

Rakesh Kumar R, City HR Coordinator 

Presently working with TATA Lockheed Martin Aerostructures Ltd as an Engineer, he has also assisted in starting up a company from scratch. In doing so, he got varied experience of being an HR, Trainer, Business developer and Manager. He has stayed in different parts of the country and speaks about eight languages. An Aircraft Engineer by profession, he likes socialising, travelling, music and social working.

Aditya Valli K, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

She is kind, confident and likes to take up challenges. She possesses a positive attitude and enjoys socialising. She initiates many events and is supportive to others too.

Dharini P, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

An HR by profession, she works with TATA Consultancy Services. She has been associated with NGOs and volunteering activities in the past. She is highly passionate about music and loves singing. Her other hobbies include painting and writing. 

Utkarsh, Project Coordinator, Kanini

By profession a mechanical engineer, always wanted to do something extra apart from regular job something which can give satisfaction and which can take out the better me and then he found Bhumi – which was a great platform and the best part was that it involve kids.

Vignesh S, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Science

Working in TATA Lockheed Martin Aero structures Hyderabad, as a Senior Executive Engineer for the last two years. He has been with Bhumi since 2011 but with the Tiruchirapalli chapter. In 2012, he had to shift cities, and has been waiting for Bhumi to start operations in Hyderabad. 

Meghana Dodda, Project Coordinator, Hi5 Club

The team from Jaipur:


Clockwise: Bhumika, Vishesh, Vidhant
Clockwise: Bhumika, Vishesh, Vidhant


Vidhant Jain, Project Coordinator, Little Einsteins Science

A student at Amity University Rajasthan pursuing B.com(Hons) in Finance & IB. He is very much inclined towards helping people and initiating a change for the society. He believes that change begins from one person and is carried forward to all.

Vishesh Khandelwal VK, Project Coordinator, Kanini

Currently working as an Asst. Manager in AU Financiers (India) Ltd. handling their Innovation and Automation department. He loves sports and has always been associated with them throughout his life. He also likes solving puzzles and listening to music. He loves kids and has always wanted to do something to bring about a change.

Bhumika Ojha, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Maths & Hi5 Club

Completed B.Tech in Computer Science and currently working as an Assistant Programmer in Jaipur. Has been volunteering with Bhumi for over one year and believes that the journey has been full of enjoyable and learning experiences. Hi5 is her favourite of all events.Loves reading and travelling.

The team from Kolkata:

Kala Neelakantan, Project Coordinator, Kanini


An IT person who looks forward to the weekends to do something that she is fond of. Volunteering has always been in her forte and has been with Bhumi for quite sometime now. She is the high energy loquacious person and hopes this energy makes her do a great job in leading the Bhumi chapter in Kolkata.

The team from Mumbai:

Kanupriya, Lijo
Kanupriya, Lijo

Lijo Philip Raj, Project Coordinator, Kanini

An IT professional with over four years of experience and currently working as a Project Lead with TCS, Mumbai. He holds a Bachelors of Engineering Degree has a keen interest in the education of children, reading books of varied genres, event management & game of cricket. His combination of engineering background and management experience gives his a unique ability to bridge the gap between practice and theory in various fronts.

Kanupriya Sethi, Project Coordinator, Fundraising

A BBA second year student, she joined Bhumi as an intern. She says that Coming this far since the start has been a new experience, meeting children, helping in organizing things and a few efforts towards fund raising also. She reads books, paints and sketches occasionally, likes listening to music, travelling and meeting new people.

The team from Pune:

Clockwise: Rohit, Sai Krishna, Robin, Ankita
Clockwise: Rohit, Sai Krishna, Robin, Ankita

Sai Krishna, City HR Coordinator

A PG student at PICT, Pune pursuing M.E in IT and also an intern at TIBCO software Inc. Other than social service activities, he loves football and reading books. He believes that bringing change in even one child’s life will make a difference and start a ripple of subsequent change!

Robin Sharma, Project Coordinator, Fundraising

Born in Haryana, graduated in Punjab, and now working in Pune. His life is more about travelling; whether it’s lush green valleys of Himalayas, sandy beaches of Goa and Pondicherry, monuments in Rajasthan or Banarasi Ghats. He likes to socialize, listen to people’s tales and learn from them. He believes in lifelong learning and giving back to society what it has offered him.

Rohit Gurlhosur, HR Coordinator, Kanini

Currently finished his graduation in mechanical engineering, Rohit, loves watching movies. He has been associated with Bhumi for the past 3 months and enjoys working with the Kanini team. He loves interacting with the kids and aims at giving back as much as he can, to the society.

Ankita Ghosh, HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Mathematics

A final year student of B.Sc in medical technology from Symbiosis institute of health sciences. She has travelled various parts of India during her school days and has seen the problems that our society faces. She’d like to help foster Bhumi’s cause of helping children and our society as a whole. She is eager to contribute my time and dedication for the same.

Ekta Ashok Sharma, Project Coordinator, Speak Out