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Partnership Intern

LetzChange is a tech-for-good not-for-profit Section 25 Company, created to enable people to support the causes they believe in by leveraging their social network.

A brainchild of Vikrant Bhargava, LetzChange aims to make online giving a simple and rewarding experience, empowering the donor and providing them with social tools to encourage their friends to be a part of this change. LetzChange labels itself as a “Simple Social Giving” platform, to achieve the mission of helping struggling and trusted NGOs with not only fundraising support but also with crucial assistance regarding marketing and technology.


LetzChange does not charge any fee for its service and entire donation goes directly to the NGO for maximum impact. With more than Rs. 3.5 Crore raised in less than 2 years, we are at the beginning of an exciting journey and are currently looking to grow our small, dedicated team. With our offices in Gurgaon and London, we are looking for enthusiasts who seek to help these organizations that seek to make real social change.

Partnership Intern

We require self-motivated proactive people for a 3 months’ internship to take on the critical role of helping LetzChange strengthen and build our relations with 1000 Indian nonprofits. LetzChange envisions this role as a unique opportunity to enhance their public relations and managerial skills, with a passion for transforming social change through enabling the development organizations scale up their impact.

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Point of contact: +91-124-6500402 | |


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