Lower age limit for civil service aspirants

According to the Information Published on the website of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, the age limit and the number of attempts of applicants to be reduced from the upcoming year 2015.

According to this new norm, the upper age limit will be 29 years for SC/ST candidates, 28 years for OBC and 26 for the unreserved category. There will be an additional two years for physically challenged candidates in each category.

The Number of Attempts to be reduced to six for SC/ST Candidates, five for OBC and three for Unreserved Candidates.

At present, the upper age limit for SC/ST, OBC and unreserved candidates is 35, 33 and 30 years respectively.

This New Norms is recommended by Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) and almost entirely accepted by the government, were put up on the website a few months ago.


  • Competition will be reduced.
  • Today, Lots of applicants are applied for IAS Exams due to Unemployment (Mainly Engineering Graduates). Many of the people are not willing to study for IAS Exam, because of their parents Compulsion and also lack of employment opportunities. Their aim is to get a job not to serve our nation. This will be really affected to those who are seriously prepared for this exam.
  • So this norms will be helpful to find the person who are really what to do something for our nation.


  • Basically, we completed our Bachelor Degree only in the age of 21 or 22 years. After that only we can able to attend IAS Exams. So we have only 6 years to do.
  • IAS Exams is the India’s No.1 Stuffiest Exam. So we need some more time to prepare for this Exam. And also this exam will take to complete the selection process nearly one and half years. So we don’t have sufficient time to prepare for this exam.
  • According to me, thousand of civil services aspirants are affected by this New Norm. At least they extend their age limit up to 30 years from each of the category.

Ms. Saranya S
Admin & Finance, Bhumi