Meghna Raveendra- Regional Manager, Bhumi,Pune.

Meghna is the latest addition to our little family here at Bhumi Pune Chapter. Although, technically

the oldest volunteer of the chapter who had taken the initiative along with her friends to start the

Bhumi Chapter way back in 2011. She lives in Mumbai with her family and has taken up the role of

Regional Manager (Western Region) at Bhumi. She is a sweet, lovable and awesome person who is

fun to work with and has a lot of enthusiasm and zeal towards the cause. She brings a lot of positive

energy with her. She was a Teach for India fellow and is experienced in social work. We welcome her

to the family whole heartedly.


“When I joined Bhumi in June I was told by the central team about the energy and passion that our Pune team had.

But when I met them I saw that there was much more to the energy and passion. The dedication and empathy that I

saw in the team made me feel this is exactly where I belong. I was apprehensive first as to how the team would take

in a new member.. but once I met them they made me feel at home. Love the way you guys work. It’s amazing to see

people who volunteer with so much dedication and love for the cause! Wish you the best of things”!

– Meghna Raveendra.