Mentoring Feedback session

It was dull and gloomy Sunday morning as all the Lakshyans gathered @ the Bhumi office . It was quite a lethargic time until Saras ma’am arrived and soon everyone was buzzing up with energy . All Lakshya volunteers had gathered at the Bhumi office for the feedback session even as many big bosses skipped the session 😀

So it was time for the discussing about the Lakshya project , how it has been going and how mentoring was going on in both the centres , so the feedback session started off the first time volunteers who have taken up mentoring expressing the difficulties they had faced during the mentoring sessions . So as the discussion was leading into a boring phase, there came the late comer Harshan and session was back to its life again ,of course everyone needs entertainment and this time Harshan took that up instead of Ashwin 😀 after serious discussions , it was time to find out the solutions to these problems and Saras ma’am gave out a few options . This was followed by a brief discussion on certain problems which were being faced in BM and also possible solutions that can be employed for that . So as the session ended, everyone gathered for the group photo and namba HR showcased his photography skills 😀 In all the gloomy and dull Sunday turned lively with some fierce and useful discussion as the mentoring session progressed 🙂

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