MoM – All Projects Review Meeting – March 2013

– Centre wise review of all projects

– Orientation dates for all cities to be made available on the website’s homepage

– Kanini:to print ‘sight words’ chart for all centres

– Speak Out: to explore syllabus improvement

– NRO: Arts is ready for expanded pilot, Sports needs better structure, Dance volunteers need more practice and training

– LE: CAS centre suitable for trial of Educational Initiatives Software; needs to make training more interesting for the volunteers; needs to plan for kit usage in the second year (and analyse the integration of ‘samacheer’ syllabus

– HR: First class for new volunteers should be a good experience

– HR: Balance between students & professional volunteers during recruitment

– HR: Volunteer orientation Mela during May to complete recruitment needs before June

Attended by: Chandni, Ganapathy, Harikumar, Kathambari, Sriram, Aparna, Bhargav, Bhooma, Gurunath, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 16/03/13 Saturday @ Bhumi Office

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