MOM – National Facilitators Meet – Jan 19, 2014

  • There will be no Zonal Coordinators. Instead there will be multiple project coordinators for each city who will have more autonomy in operations and the national project facilitator will coordinate with the project coordinators.
  • Regional managers (full time employees) will be recruited for 4 regions viz.Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai. A full time HR manager will also be recruited. The details are available in Bhumi blog
  • All project facilitators to provide their annual calendar (Mar’14 to Mar’15) by 26th Jan’14 which will be consolidated to prepare Bhumi’s calendar.
  • Buddy system (Mentor-Mentee among vols) to be introduced across all projects / chapters from next academic year. A common process for the same to be framed by Sasikala and Shashank
  • Bhumi to continue engagement with more community centres considering the lack of more orphanages / student homes either in Chennai or in other cities. Projects to identify avenues and review their model / process accordingly to sustain operations in community centres.
  • LE science to study more organisation to adopt readily available syllabi and how their content is being integrated with curriculum of the state govts. A separate discussion required for LE syllabus.
  • Challenges and concerns in orientation to be addressed
  • Project teams to come with their plan for selection process for new volunteers. Preferable to integrate with orientation process itself. Alternatively, if separate, then can be common for all projects
  • Project specific induction and training to be finalised by Princee along with resp project teams
  • Volunteer reorganisation concept was presented by Prahal. Details posted on Blog, Key Points below
      1. A separate set of coordinators and teams will be identified for volunteering opportunities other than Educational Projects (SO, KAN, LE, LAK, NRO).
      2. This team will work on an year long basis to coordinate various short term volunteering opportunities including Nakshatra, Hi5 Club, JTW etc.
      3. Tentatively this team will be called ‘Team REFRESH’.
      4. The existing coordinators and vols can also take roles in team Refresh as an additional responsibility if they are willing.
      5. While the age restriction of less than 30 will continue for educational projects, it may be relaxed for other initiatives as appropriate.

Click here for Presentations made by the facilitators at the National Facilitators Meet

Attended by:

Kathambari (Kanini), Shashank (Speak Out), Sasikala (LE-Maths), Agne (LE-Science), Ganapathy (Lakshya), Chanesh (NRO-Sports), Raghu (NRO-Arts), Bhargav (Ops Manager), Princee (Projects Director), Noor (Projects Manager), Ayyanar, Lokesh, Dr.Prahalathan, Vaishnavi

Agenda for next meet:

  • Centre identification for next yr – requirements from projects
  • Discussion on volunteer selection process
  • Updates from Lead LE / Kanini
  • Plan for Lead Bhumi – Beacon
  • Updates from HR / PR Conclave
  • Sharing of annual calendar and plans for key events

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