Nakshatra Reach Out


NRO..?? What is it about..?? What do you guys do..?? What all programs do you run..?? These questions have been running in so many minds. 

Here we are..!! Providing you with answers through this letter..!! 



Hello everybody..!! I am sure most of us would be familiar with the proverb – “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JOHN A DULL BOY”

 As much as education is important, it is equally important for a person to de-stress himself. It is similar to a pressure cooker. You have to let go of the steam, only then is the rice properly cooked. If you just let the steam build inside it, sometime or the other it is going to blast on your face. Education is like rice. We can’t live without food. Steam is the stress that is present in every one of us. We have to let go of it. The longer we keep it within ourselves, the quicker it is going to destroy us. 

Different people have different ways of de-stressing themselves. Some people sing, some play, some dance, some draw. 

 We have grouped the most common ways by which people de-stress themselves under one quotient which we would like to call ‘THE PLAY QUOTIENT’.

 The NRO team comprises of four teams namely the MUSIC team, ARTS team, SPORTS team and the DANCE team who work together in unison to ensure that every kid gets the ‘PLAY QUOTIENT’ in his routine.