Nilanjan Chaudhuri , Volunteer LES


Nilanjan Chaudhuri,Volunteer LES

Association with Bhumi, one of India’s largest youth volunteering organization, has been a wonderful experience. I am associated with the Little Einstein Science Project of Bhumi, responsible for practically demonstrating the theoretical concepts of science. Being a science enthusiast myself, I love doing practical demonstrations of various experiments. While volunteering, I brushed up on my knowledge of science thanks to the questions by the inquisitive kids. I learnt patience and now I can handle the kids better. This has also made me handle people outside. I now know how to convey things in a very comprehensive manner and describe them lucidly. At the end of each session, we question the kids on their level of concept understanding and it feels good that I have widened their horizon of science. I enjoyed the trip we had with the kids at the science park wherein it was a mutual learning experience. Bhumi provides a great platform to budding volunteers like me.