Operations Director Vacancy At Pudiyador | Chennai

Pudiyador is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of underprivileged children and their communities through education and social support. Children from five communities around the city of Chennai come to the Pudiyador centers in or near their communities after school hours on weekdays and all day during the weekends. They are provided a safe space in which they get help with their mainstream academics, they learn to engage in and appreciate arts and sports, and they learn life skills that will enable them to function in and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Pudiyador also works closely with the children’s parents, local school officials, and other community members to ensure that the programming is deep and sustainable.Pudiyador operates three main programs:

(a) After-School Program
Academic support and extra-curricular activities for children between ages 5 and 12. This includes education modules for reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as art and sports modules.

(b) Young Adult Program
Activities that engage community teenagers and Pudiyador alumni in meaningful, useful, and enjoyable activities. Some of these activities could potentially provide young adults with real means of employment.

(c) Community Interface Program
Home visits, activities, and community events aimed at minimizing abuse and maximizing safety and well-being of children, their parents, and the entire community overall.

We consistently monitor and evaluate all our programs to ensure that they are effective in and appropriate for each center. Pudiyador currently operates in two communities in Ramapuram, two in Besant Nagar, and one in Saligramam.

Job Posting for Operations Director, Pudiyador

Job description

  • Join team of directors of Pudiyador (first 3 months probationary period)
  • Work closely with Program Director on big picture and day-to-day operations of Pudiyador
  • Plan and direct activities based on annual and semi-annual goals
  • Train and mentor teachers and resource persons in various tasks including using email/MS Office/Skype, etc
  • Identify and address one-time and routine issues
  • Everyday follow up on ongoing activities
  • Travel frequently to organizations/homes within (and sometimes outside) city limits
  • 8 hours a day, 6 days a week

Basic qualifications

  • Some undergraduate degree
  • Minimum 2 years team-work experience
  • Fluent in Tamil and English
  • Demonstration of leadership
  • Working knowledge of MS Office products, email, video chat technology, and the internet in general
  • Degree in engineering or experience in working in a multi-national company is a plus. A degree in education/sociology/psychology and/or experience working with children and or a non-profit is also a bonus.

Instructions to apply
The following application documents must be submitted as attachments via email to [email protected] . We require all 4 sets of documents to be able to process your application.

    1. Latest resume
    2. Scan/photo/copy of your degree certificate(s)
    3. Application form (Click here to download, see pages 3-6)
    4. Recommendation forms completed and sent by TWO supervisors and/co-workers that know you in a professional setting (see pages 7-8)

Recommendation letters must be sent directly by the recommenders from their email address. If that is not possible, printed or hand-written letters can be sent to: Pudiyador, 14, Giri Nagar, Ramapuram, Chennai 600089.