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Orientation, 28/06/2015

Bhumi Pune chapter is expanding and reaching out to a larger number of underprivileged kids is our

aim for 2015-2016. From 9 centers in 2014, we have been able to expand to 13 in June 2015, and we

hope to include more by September 2015. Volunteer recruitment and orientation drives to cope up

with the increasing centers are simultaneous processes. With the help of “Each one get one” drive

almost 50 volunteers were registered on the Bhumi website. We conducted an orientation on 6th

June 2015 and one on 28th June 2015. On 28th June, to welcome new volunteers, Bhumi introduction

presentation was delivered by our new regional manager, Ms. Meghna Raveendra and Nilanjan. C

(LES Project Cordinator) presented the volunteer impact. The orientation had various fun activities

to make it a lively and engaging session.

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