Passion for Design

I started designing probably when i was in 5th standard. Being teacher’s pet, i would always be the last person to leave school after the decorations on the board, filling up the board with all my doodles before “The Open house day”. ‘Arts and crafts’ and drawing classes were my favourite. I would be the one to help everyone complete their crafts and drawings; in fact even the guys’ books will be filled by me and submitted. Like all other girls I too fancied for Mehandi. I started drawing Mehandi with black pen. I made a book out of my designs when I was in class 9 or 10.

Soon my interest for designing increased that made me design my own clothes. I started scribbling mannequins and fashion designing was my first ever dream. I went to classes. Sketching, painting, water colouring all soon made a good portfolio into all my stuff.  I was least interested in Studies and more interested in drawing and designing. I wanted to be someone like Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi. I tried to get into NIFT and unfortunately I couldn’t get into it in the final round. Still, I didn’t want to give up on my dreams.

So, I diverted my dreams towards Graphic designing and Arts; and joined Electronic Media which taught me so much about designing right from costume designing, set designing, Logos,  brochures, banners and what not. Everything revolved around a single suite, Adobe.

Bhumi gave me a perfect platform to exhibit my talents. It all started off with designing calendars in Ripples team, moving to “Caught ’ya “card and then Bhumi invitations and now Reflections…

EchoVME, the place where I work gave me a chance to execute whatever I’ve learnt and made me learn more. In fact I’m still learning; I’m yet a beginner and need much more experience as a designer. I’m looking forward to learn more types of art and designs. 🙂

~ Lakshmi, Chennai

 Featuring some of Lakshmi’s creations:

lakshmi7 Lakshmi1 Lakshmi2 lakshmi3 lakshmi5
















Check out more creations by Lakshmi at and facebook page for Reflections Lakshya –



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