Important changes in Bhumi’s Projects Team

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As we step into a new year, there will be some key changes to Bhumi’s Projects Team. While every project will continue to have a volunteer-national facilitator, he/she will be closely supported by a Bhumi employee/full-timer as follows. Please spare a few minutes to also understand the various communication channels for queries and major issues.

Shwetha Selvan (Regional Manager) will be supporting Kathambari Ezhilarasu (Facilitator) in implementing the Kanini project nationally. If you have queries/issues, contact the Kanini Support team [Kathambari Ezhilarasu, Shwetha Selvan, Arun Prabhakar – National HR and Vivek Agrawal]. Shwetha will also be managing city operations in Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur and Right to Education Awareness.
Kathambari   Shwetha   Arun
From L to R: Kathambari, Shwetha and Arun
Ganapathy Krishnan (Facilitator) will be supporting the coordinators in implementing the Lakshya project nationally. If you have queries/issues, contact the Lakshya Support team [Ganapathy Krishnan, Arwindh Paneerselvam – National HR and Vivek Agrawal]. 
Ganapathy  Arwindh
From L to R: Arwindh & Ganapathy
Ranjani Ramamorthy (Facilitator) will be supporting the coordinators in implementing the Little Einsteins – Mathematics project nationally. If you have queries/issues, contact the Mathematics Support team [Ranjani Ramamoorthy, Ganesh Kumar – National HR and Vivek Agrawal].
  Ranjani   Ganesh Kumar LEM
From L to R: Ranjani and Ganesh Kumar
Agne Kirupha (Operations Manager) will be supporting the coordinators in implementing the Little Einsteins – Science project nationally. If you have issues/queries, contact the Science Support team [Yuvaneshwari, Agne Kirupha, Arvind Lakshmanan – National HR and Vivek Agrawal]. Agne will also be managing operations in Chennai and provide a supporting role for operations and volunteerism promotion nationally.
 Yuavneshwari  Agne Arvind L
From L to R: Yuvaneshwari, Agne and Arvind
Ayyanar Elumalai (co-founder, Bhumi) will be supporting the coordinators in implementing the Nakshatra Reach Out projects nationally i.e.Arts, Dance, Football, Music, Theatre and Volleyball. If you have queries/issues, contact the NRO Support team [Ayyanar Elumalai, Raghunathan, Swathi Sukumar – National HR  and Vivek Agrawal]
Ayyanar   Raghu  Swathi S
From L to R: Ayyanar, Raghu and Swathi
Vaishnavi Srinivasan (Executive Director) will be supporting the coordinators in implementing the Speak Out project nationally. If you have queries/issues, contact the Speak Out Support team [Lavanya Jagannathan, Mathangi Chandrasekhar, Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Aaditya Venkatesh – National HR, Princee Chaudhary and Vivek Agrawal]
Lavanya   Mathangi  Vaish  Aaditya V
From L to R: Lavanya, Mathangi, Vaishnavi and Aaditya
Anusha Vasu (Project Associate) will be managing city operations in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
Tanushree Sharma (Regional Manager) will be managing city operations in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kolkata.
Vivek Agrawal (Chief Operating Officer) will be managing HR, projects and operations nationally.
Anusha     Tanushree       Vivek
L to R: Anusha, Tanushree and Vivek
Dr.Prahalathan KK (co-founder, Bhumi) is involved in strategy, project monitoring and finance. If you have any other or unresolved issues Bhumi’s Support Team can be contacted [Ayyanar Elumalai, Ganapathy Krishnan, Dr. Prahalathan KK, Vaishnavi Srinivasan and Vivek Agrawal]