Republic day celebrations

Lakshya’s Republic Day Meet

It was an energy-filled day with chit-chats, lunch together and thought provoking discussions, debates and quiz competition!!

About 20 Passionate Lakshya volunteers participated in the event. It was a fashionably late Start with a long-awaited lunch but the lunch together with volunteers was fun.  The wait was worth a mouth-watering Punjabi lunch; and the highlight were those hot jilebis, lassi and beedas. Republic day was such a fun filled experience to know more about history, a few personalities and must-know info about Indian history and legends through quiz competitions, which was even more fun when participants caught the
hosts for pairing wrong answers & questions 😉 A Comedy of errors was celebrated by all.

Participants picked up an unusual and interesting debate on “India – A Country or A Concept”. Meeting was made more eventful by then. And to watch fellow Lakshyans pitch in about our country’s pride and greatness amongst some thought provoking questions and answers was awesome. Counter attacks were made on topics ranging from ancient government to modern history-growth. Not just knowledge sharing but truly a learning moment as well. Way to go people!!

republic day image

Finally, it was about Lakshya and Lakshyans!

Yes, it was interesting to watch Lakshyans plan on an enhancing mentoring through career guidance. Some food for thought, high voltage passion and electrifying suggestions, Lakshya has it all-anytime.

In short, Lakshya Rocks!!!

-Prasanna Kumar, Chennai

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