Scholarship for Engineering Students

In an effort to reach out to more students and making Education more accessible and affordable, PB College of Engineering, a 10 year old Engineering Institution in Chennai, is making an unique and exclusive offer to beneficiaries and students covered by CIOSA members as part of their projects. NOTE: Bhumi is a member of CIOSA.

With Engineering College admissions for the coming Academic Year scheduled to commence soon, PB College of Engineering has made the following 3 offers only for CIOSA members –

Offer 1: For CIOSA endorsed students securing more than 90% in their +2 Exams, 10 Engineering Seats are being offered at a 74% Scholarship. This will mean a fee of just Rs.28,000/-(to cover transport, exam fees etc) per Academic Year.

Offer 2: For highly deserving students endorsed by a CIOSA member organization, 50 Engineering Seats are being offered with 50% scholarship. The value of this scholarship will be about 50,000 in fees per Academic Year. This scholarship will apply to all deserving students endorsed by CIOSA and selected through a qualification process.

Offer 3: Students enrolling in PBCE with a reference from a CIOSA Member Organization will be offered admission at the same fee as that of a Government Counseling seat under management quota. The value of this benefit is a reduction of about Rs.20,000 in fees per academic Year.

Request you to send in your interest to avail these offers to benefit families and scholars covered by your projects. Based on your interest further details will be provided and a formal Qualification process will be done to identify the deserving students from your nominations.


a.       Members to fill in application expressing interest with the students details who want to avail the scholarship.
b.      CIOSA endorses the application forms and sends  communication to the members.
c.       Interview with the students after results
d.      PB college offering scholarships based on interview and marksheets

Dead lines:
a. Expression of interest over a mail to CIOSA with the tentative names of students who want scholarship by 15th of March
b. Application forms filled in after 12th standard results

For further details Mr.Bhargav @ 9884441435 or email: mail AT

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