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Fundraising workshop for volunteers

Bhumi is conducting a workshop on Fundraising and its importance for Bhumi. All Bhumi volunteers can participate.

Who is it for?

  • For beginners, professionals and anyone in between.
  • All you need is the enthusiasm for learning and implementing it!

On the agenda:

  • Importance of Fundraising for Bhumi
  • Fundraising Mantra
  • Individual fundraising and importance
  • Concept of SCCOI
  • Closing the loop

Bhumi Photography Workshop | Chennai

Bhumi is conducting a photography workshop for its volunteers on

Date: 16th July 2016, Sunday
Time: 10 am to 11:30 am
Venue: Bhumi Office

Who is it for?
For beginners, professionals and anyone in between.
All you need is the enthusiasm for learning and implementing it!

What do you need to bring?
Best if you have access to a DSLR  (any lens) or point & shoot camera. If you own a camera, it will be best for you and fellow participants to learn effectively in the workshop!

What will you learn?
Camera technique
Analysis of light & conditions
Composition and aesthetics
Posing models, composition tips
About photographs and its impact on social media

A Planned visit – planetarium it was…

A Planned visit – planetarium it was…

“There are few things that we have done in my life which makes us happy. Joining BHUMI tops that list.”
On 11th January 2015, we had an amazing time with the kids from two centers – Maduravayol & YMCA in B. M. Birla
Planetarium. The smile on kids’ faces, it made everything, all the hard work,completely worth it. It is a colossal planetarium in Chennai providing a virtual tour of the night sky and holding cosmic shows on a specially perforated hemispherical aluminium inner dome. The planetarium has assorted shows which appends the solar system, 3D animation etc. The subject matter of the programmes are changed every 3 months to escort in some variety. They
are conducted in both in Tamil and English so that people don’t find it strenuous to comprehend.
“Since we are in 10th grade, it was really helpful for us to get to know more about science and the subject related to
it. I feel happy that I could be a part of this tour,” said Madhushan, one of the kids from the Maduravayol center. The Aircraft and the vehicle prototypes were very alluring for the kids.
“The kids are amazing to be with. They were lost in their own world of joy. As a member of this family It was cock-a-hoop that I could do something to some young souls in order to bring some shine on their face said, Mr Hari a volunteer.
“I really liked the DRDO Pavilion where they showcased various models of gun, there developments, constructions etc said Gowtham who dreams to become a police officer.”
The selfies and the group picture session kept going among them. As they all were divided into a group of 4 each with a volunteer to guide them, the kids found it easy to find the way to divergent subsections and hence
comprehend whatever was projected in the planetarium. It was a indelible day for each one of us present there and we thank god who made us connect with each other in some or the other way and hence produce and spread
a lot of contentment around us. They say you don’t get to choose your family. But “they” don’t know anything. We chose our family. We chose BHUMI.

Sharing a Dream…

Sacrificed a Dream for many dreams…
We sleep normally with dreams; here we volunteers sacrificed our one day’s dream (sleep) to fulfil the dreams of many because it is “Nakshatra”. This is the third nakshatra for Trichy and it got bigger with 20+ homes, 800+ kids and 200+ volunteers. But this is my first nakshatra, the main thing that inspired me of all the great things here were that of the judges were students from one of the best colleges around. Breaking the convention of very high profile judges who usually show-off and most of them normally don’t talk


Winners of Nakshatra 2014 Chennai- Sevalaya Team Receiving the Trophy From Ayyanar. Dr.Prahalathan, Vaishnavi, and Ganapathy are also seen

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Plans spanning 2014-15

Just as history reminds you; the buzzword in Lakshya is always strategic planning; the word out in town is about “the style of pedagogy”, which is to design a learning classroom environment; apart from that various additions and procedures are to be tested this year. On board this year; ripples gets in to you a few perceptions from the brains behind on all possible charted plans for this academic year.

Srinivasan from Trichy Lakshya team says,” The aim this year is to benefit more children by extending the project in more centres this year. We are also about to start a workshop module in Deeksha home for the first time in Trichy. The mentoring will be started soon with the help of trained mentors; unlike last year. To improve internal volunteers’ coordination many activities are to be planned. Lakshya Inductions won’t go like seminar classes any more; instead it shall be more of a discussion session with interesting activities. As usual, Lakshyans are always ready to prepare the kids to appear in global competitions like DFC etc… Moreover the syllabus prescribed by the syllabus development team shall be followed. “

Mathpal from Chennai Lakshya Team says,” Unlike in the past; where we used to work on modules on just on a random run, now clear demarcations of modules and sub-module categorization by the syllabus development team will help us better the work in the forthcoming academic year. Since the categorization also has also incorporated the logical flow implicitly; I think this year shall be more efficient.”

Holiday Note

Holiday Note

“Summer” the buzz word with all interpretations is here. The much awaited break for most of us; with the onset of April we start to spell out dreams; that I may do …. I may stop …. I may change… ‘Coz it’s may then…. Slowly we get back in tune for its June… 😛 then we let the dreams fly either into laments or into memories….
This is a tradition we have accustomed ourselves as a  way, of breaking a habitroutine. But there is an even more adorable touch to it; remember those old school days wherein we get out for summer and get in with our summer assignments…
So ripples also wishes this holiday season with a gentle assignment; if you would care to take it up. It’s a one word assignment; an assignment that is fun working and assessing… It’s an assignment that we prefer most volunteers take up… Its called “Share… “.
You may send in anything that falls in the realm of sharing (your articles; artworks; emotions 😉 etc…)… Under the subject “SHARE” to [email protected]
Well Ideas too are worth a share… So why not…
Yeah mainly enjoy your holidays. For those who haven’t got one; take it up from these assignments…. ‘Coz life is what we make it…

Farewell to AmBEE…

Farewell to AmBEE…

So she gave us the finest memories to take back (If u can understand…) when she was here; So its our time to bid adieu.. We miss you a lot…  You have left a model for us to follow but that place of yours will be irreplaceable…. Hope you do wonders in your new ventures….

Bulb of the Month – March 2014

Bulb of the Month – March 2014

sriram cartoon

When all of us were planning on a birthday bash for arwindh during gnanmbigai’s farewell with me explaining the plan to cut cake @00.00 in arwindh’s house Sriram suddenly questions “EN DA 12 MANIKU CAKE VETUREENGE; Kalaila elundriche vetalame”
Nanga’lam gathi kalangi poitom.

yog cartoon

Our Major Yogesh ordered an unknown soup after seeing a unique soup name.. It seems he didn’t like it; so he was a bit hesitant to drink it. When I asked “ENNA MACHA SOUP PUDIKALAYA?”  he said “MACHA ENNAKU SOUP CHILL NU IRRUNDA DAN DA PUDIKUM” Lokesh replied “CHILL NU IRRUNDA ADHU JUICE DA SOUP ILLA ….”

*Caution: Jokes are subject to timing risks;Read the situations related documents carefully before analyzing the humor in it… :p