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MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

Centre issues
  • Ramakrishna Home (Akshya): Not enough class rooms > Bhargav to speak to management
  • Dr.PV Rao School (Ashwin): Two children joined mid-year; classes happening on the ground but vols have no issues; 1 centre Coordinator – 4 Batch Coordinator system to be properly implemented.
  • SISTWA (Aditya): 7/16 classes have been cancelled on Saturdays; 9-11 or 10-12 implement common time after discussing with Gopi
  • BM (Sathya): Children are also going to Kanini classes?!?!
  • YMCA (Raghavi): Place is still water logged leading to some difficulty; Bible classes and parents meets causing some difficulty towards conduct of classes
  • Seva Chakra (Nikita): Need a bureau to store stuff > Sriram; Donor visits are allowed to disturb classes
  • ICCW (Pritham): Needs male volunteers; PTA meet interfering with classes on 1st Sunday of every month
  • All centres have only 60-70% volunteer attendance on most days
  • Chronic errant volunteers to be made to quit
  • All volunteers to have access to their credit score and those who are unwilling to raise the score maybe asked to discontinue teaching
  • Speak Out has added only 50 volunteers from 486 people who walked in to the last 6 orientations. 110 volunteers selected SPO but 60 did not make it past the screening. so more orientations are needed.
  • Old volunteers continuing next year to go through commitment checks
  • Video of Mock teaching round to be circulated to volunteers post next orientation
  • All centres to submit reports after current round of tests to Hari and to respective centre managements
  • Log sheets not being updated on time (Vaish to follow up regularly)
  • Sajida & Bhooma trying out Phonics for one batch of children at RKH. They will explore this further with Genki & Vidyarambam
  • Need for ERP discussed > Credit scores to be publicised instead for now
  • Do children need to be informed prior about assessments?
  • Do we have to connect with teachers who teach our children English?
  • Project not in a position to expand further next year
  • Potential leadership for the next year remains to be identified.
Attended by: Harikumar, Vinod S, Zeba, Jegan, Pritham, Raghavi, Nithya, Nikita, Sajida, Aaditya, Ashwin L, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 18/11/12 Sunday, Bhumi Office @ 4pm
MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

Centre updates

  • MSS: Arts 16 children, no volunteer requirement
  • ICCW: Sports & Dance; Maximum 31 children including some special children. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 4
  • St.Xavier’s: Classes only once a week because of change of management: Arts, Sports and Dance planned from this week. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 8 | Sports: 4
Various Aspects of NRO 2012
  • Dance – Classical
  • Dance – Western
  • Music
  • Sports – Volleyball / Throw Ball
  • Sports – Athletics
  • Sports – Kho Kho (Only at St.Xaviers, not to be started at any new centre)
  • Sports – Chess
  • Arts
  • Arts: Chandni & Keerthana
  • Sports: Raj Thilak & Chanesh
  • Dance: Nirmala
  • HR: Volunteer requirement is severely affecting project and succession planning
  • Syllabus: NRO team, Volunteering Coordinators, Support team will all try to improve the syllabus
  • Orientation: Presentation needs a makeover with points from the team
Meeting 4-530 PM @ Bhumi Office
Attended by: Chandni, Prakash, Nirmala, Bhargav, Prahalathan, Vaishnavi, Sriram & Baish