The Lead Bhumi selection process unfolded

Some of you had questions on the rationale behind the process. Most of these have been explained below; feel free to write back to us if you have any further queries.

Q: I have a feeling I went through a lengthy process, briefly what were the different phases and how long were we expected to plan/execute these?

A: The process from its launch in Jan second week till the declaration of results in May last week did appear lengthy, and lasted over five months. However, if we break it down and analyse, each phase was 3-4 weeks long to help the applicants complete every phase without affecting their routine. Also, most of the phases had been extended by a week or two to ensure as many applicants were able to complete the activity. The phase-wise estimated time to complete including preparation and execution were:

  1. Application phase – 1 hour
  2. Develop phase (team task) – 10 hours
  3. Ignite task – 3 hours
  4. Interview round – 3 hours

Thus, a total of 17-20 hours was adequate from the applicants to complete the process successfully. It may look ideal but that’s how any selection process is expected to be. We observed that during the team task, some teams took a lot of interest and wanted to do more than what was expected, which took them longer to complete.

Q: What is the need for team task (Develop Phase)? Especially for Ignite volunteers why we had asked to do catalyse activities as part of Festival of Volunteering.

A: The objective of the group task is to sensitize every volunteer and LB applicant in particular to realise the depth of the cause we connect to (through RTE / Educational Audit activities) as well as the potential of volunteerism (through other activities). The volunteers had the freedom to choose between an educational project and entirely new ideas aligned with ignite –  as long as it had substance and impact. Ideas such as craft workshops, building as learning aids (BALA) etc. were also conducted and encouraged.

Q: During the team task (Develop Phase) I was asked to volunteer for or coordinate something different from my area of interest. Why was I supposed to?

A: Further to focusing on his/her interest, its ideal for every coordinator to contribute towards the holistic development of the organisation. No aspect of the process is outside of our interest area but only to give the applicants a complete picture of their own interest area.

Q: I have not been able to actively take part in the team task (Develop Phase) of the selection process. Have i been eliminated for that?

A: LB process is not an elimination process. As the name states, “Develop” phase primarily helps the applicant to build his profile in their journey to become a potential coordinator. As long as one didn’t totally skip / ignore a particular activity / task / phase, they haven’t been eliminated. A consolidated view of the performance in all phases was taken into consideration while selecting an applicant.

Q: I have not been able to complete the “ignite task” (Centre visit / centre management discussion / centre identification) as part of the Develop Phase. Have I been eliminated for that?

A: LB process is not an elimination process. The ignite task has been included in the selection process as a crucial task for ignite applicants. However, we realised that the task could have been scheduled earlier, considering the closure of sessions. Hence, we have given very less weightage to this task this year. However, going forward, completion of this task will be a pre-requisite to apply for ignite project roles.

Q: I had applied for Lead Bhumi 2016-17 and my commitment is only from the beginning of new academic year. Why was it assumed that applicants will have spare time for planning and executing the event?

A: Yes, the applied role is for the next academic year and for each role the time commitment is clearly laid out in the Lead Bhumi website. However, waiting till the beginning of the year has its challenges. To draw analogies, when you apply for a new course/job or a fellowship, the selection always takes place before the commitment begins.

Q: I had to coordinate multiple times with my interviewers for the interview. Even after finalising the interview, my interviewers never initiated or called me back?

A: The interview phase is designed to give the applicants a typical scenario they would be facing in coordinating with someone – a centre management, an external partner or even a volunteer; which, mostly in real life, requires perseverance and patience.

Wishing you the best always!!  Happy Volunteering!