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Every weekend, after spending valuable time with them, I won’t feel like leaving them


T K Nivetha

Bhumi – Lakshya,

Maanavar Illam, Trichy

As an active member of BHUMI, I would like to share my views on “Lakshya”. Lakshya is a project which makes students to relieve their stress and improve their mental ability through various interactive games and group activities. I like the project for its cause and that made me choose it. I have always wanted to work for the society and this organisation makes my weekends special ones. I get to meet really talented students and the time spent with them always stays close to my heart. It gives me a satisfaction and explains me what life is all about when a responsibility is given. And about the students at Maanavar Illam, the time spent with them is so special and memorable. Every weekend, after spending valuable time with them, I won’t feel like leaving them. They need guidance and support in every moment of their life. I am there to help them. I consider this job valuable and heart touching. I will always work for the society and my contribution towards it will be never ending.
Feb 9th 2013 was a wonderful day at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home (RKM) as I witnessed the versatility of students performing at the sports day celebration and more importantly a fully themed drama that has gone for nearly one and half hour about the life story of Swami Vivekananda. Most of the characters including the lead role of Swami Vivekananda were played by the 9th std students who are part of Lakshya program. I didn’t even think that the drama will be such serious one. I was astonished by our students’ performance / make-up / choreography etc. we can keep on adding. The Vivekananda character (and some other characters also) shaved their head to match the role they are playing. The make-ups were in such a way that we will have to look very closely and strain our eyes to find who they are, The students were just into their character / role. I have not seen before any such drama performed by students that is well established, themed, spirited etc…and I am very happy to share my joy with all of my fellow Lakshyans !:-)  Sarathi

J Sarathi

Bhumi – Lakshya

RKM, Chennai


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