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Here is a cute message from our volunteer Srinivasan; as you read you would know whom it is addressed too…..

When I was a child, my granny used to say “if you don’t behave well, Saami kanna kuthidum”. I took it serious at that time. I haven’t committed any kind of mischief; just by blindly adhering to her words and obeying her. Because of zero awareness, the phrase got attached deep to my heart and I behaved very well.  But now while thinking about it i get to know; why she had told me so? I.e. just to build me as a generous man and to make my life ecstatic.
Belief system in our body plays the major role in our life. Psychology says that if our belief system is attacked, we would never hear to anyone saying things against it. For example, the word ‘confidence’ lies in that belief system of mine. Thus my granny attacked my belief system by the phrase ‘Saami kanna kuthidum.’
Think about it, if not atheist, about the god you pray daily, Rama, Jesus or Allah. He might have been a leader to certain people, who took care of the people very well; with affection, love and care. He had been to spread the purity. He had ruled his people with greatness. He had given his life for the people. He has lead during the enemy attacks. He had come first to face the challenge. He might have won the hearts. He might have spread the spiritual awareness; and even spent his whole life with selfless attitude. Thus, the perfect leader, a ruler or a king has been worshiped as God. They were made as God to us; it is nothing but an attack in our belief system. Even Almighty Allah might have never been seen by his greatness Nabigal Nayagam.
He might have had told so just to enrich our life to feel the pureness- the emptiness- the happiness. The holy books might have been made by the one who has learned from his failures in his life and written for the future so that we can learn from them; or it might be written as formulae of life for future generation. Thus it is our awareness that results in the belief we hold today.  The photos, the sculptures we worship daily might have been the leaders, the rulers or the kings who might have lived long ago.
I dedicate this short article to my friend, to a man, to a King, to Parvez (which means King), Living yet leading beside us; Mohammed Arshath Parvez, wishing him an advance happy birthday.

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  1. @Lakshyans & Srini: Awesome wish.. 🙂 … Machi, but, Ihardly deserve this… ! Will try making myself worth it… 🙂 Thank you… 🙂

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