One day for Bhumi (Volunteers speak their heart out)

We asked our volunteers to give a write up about what they felt about giving their “One

day for Bhumi?” We got a lot of interesting write ups. This one by our new volunteer, Shamli, is an

engaging piece. Hope it touches you as it did us.

Shamli Telrandhe says:

Speak out

Remember the time when you learnt to ride a bicycle, you fell, you got hurt, it’s not bad if you

remember it now. Because you had someone to pick you up. Someone to heal the pain. But not

everyone is that lucky. Millions of kids out there need help. Your help. Change is what we all strive

for in our country, why not be a part of it?


Be a volunteer at an NGO, spread the knowledge that you have . You just need to give a few hours of

your weekend to make a difference. NGO, non-governmental organization is run only by the

volunteers who seek happiness by helping others.


Immense amount of happiness, inner peace, hope, motivation, social skills and small things that

money can’t buy.

Change Today. Change tomorrow. The motto says it all. BHUMI is one such NGO where all your

dreams of helping someone are fulfilled.

You don’t need a superman costume to be a hero. All it takes is to help someone in need and you

could be their HERO.

Yes or no. In or out. Live or die. Hero or coward. Fight or give in. Human race is made up of choices.

Make sure you choose and choose for a better tomorrow.