Coordinator Vacancies At Pudiyador | Chennai

Pudiyador is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of underprivileged children and their communities through education and social support. Children from five communities around the city of Chennai come to the Pudiyador centers in or near their communities after school hours on weekdays and all day during the weekends. They are provided a safe space in which they get help with their mainstream academics, they learn to engage in and appreciate arts and sports, and they learn life skills that will enable them to function in and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Pudiyador also works closely with the children’s parents, local school officials, and other community members to ensure that the programming is deep and sustainable.Pudiyador operates three main programs:

(a) After-School Program
Academic support and extra-curricular activities for children between ages 5 and 12. This includes education modules for reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as art and sports modules.

(b) Young Adult Program
Activities that engage community teenagers and Pudiyador alumni in meaningful, useful, and enjoyable activities. Some of these activities could potentially provide young adults with real means of employment.

(c) Community Interface Program
Home visits, activities, and community events aimed at minimizing abuse and maximizing safety and well-being of children, their parents, and the entire community overall.

We consistently monitor and evaluate all our programs to ensure that they are effective in and appropriate for each center. Pudiyador currently operates in two communities in Ramapuram, two in Besant Nagar, and one in Saligramam.

Pudiyador is looking to fill the following positions beginning August 2015. Interested applicants are asked to contact the Program Director, Chiai Uraguchi (99626-01712) and send their resumes to [email protected] . A phone call meeting will be set up to discuss the applicant’s capabilities and experiences, the requirements of the job, and the pay scale. 

Position 1) After School Program Coordinator


– 30-40 hours a week

– Visit each of the 5 centers once a week to check after school program quality

– Analyze children’s assessment of their maths and language skills/progress

– Discuss child well-being with teachers from all five centers on a weekly basis

– Maintain and revise program time tables according to the needs of each center

Eligibility specifications:

* Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (preferably in Social Work) with a minimum of 1 year experience in the development sector, preferably community work.

* Fluency in English & Tamil

* Familiarity with e-mail and MS-Office

Position 2) Community Interface Coordinator


– 30-40 hours a week

– Train home visit facilitators to speak with families about their children

– Go on home visits with the home visit facilitators 3-5 times a week

– Work with community to derive social intervention according to their needs and facilitate it to create better community (bi-weekly meetings with community members and leaders)

– Identify interventions to support semi street children (2 months)

– Implement interventions (6 months)

Eligibility specifications:

* 12th std. pass with experience dealing with communities (personally or professionally)

* Fluency in English & Tamil

* Familiarity with e-mail and MS-Office is preferred

Position 3) Teacher Support Coordinator


– 30-40 hours a week

– Conduct meetings with teachers from all centers once every 2 weeks

– Meet teachers at different centers every day, check on regular issues

– Interact on a regular basis with children, get to know them, gain trust

– Follow up with individual teacher/student issues on a weekly basis

Eligibility specifications:

* Must like working with children and be gentle with them

* Fluency in Tamil (English knowledge is a plus)