You see those little ones perform, they sing and dance. Their skills, zeal and perfection of the arts leave you awe-struck. You don’t feel like taking your eyes off the stage, scared to miss out on anything! They paint, draw and mould clay. Their imagination and creativity leaves you speechless. You think about the potential and talent hidden in there. And the moment you see the smiles on their face, the twinkle in their eyes, you get goose bumps, you don’t know whether to smile or cry or do both. During this pandemonium around you, somewhere inside in the corner of your heart you feel happy and content. And all you have to say is,

Welcome to “Pune Nakshatra 2015”

Nakshatra, Bhumi’s annual inter-orphanage art, literary, cultural, science and sports talent fest for children was held in Pune for the first time on August 2nd 2015. It all started on a Saturday night among “high” talks between Suren, Srinivas and Sai. A big ‘Thank you’ to these guys, we owe you a lot. You showed us the dream and all of us were more than happy to make it happen.

With help from the Chennai team and a lot of enthusiasm and will, the preparations began. Meetings were held every now and then. Discussions about anything and everything. People taking out time from their busy routines, dividing themselves into different teams and putting in their best ideas. Giving their very best to make everything happen, failing at times, but still undeterred. Facing all the hurdles and challenges, come what may, together. Many sleepless nights and days of hard work later, the much awaited Day of Judgment arrived.

The morning air was heavy with excitement, enthusiasm, anxiety, tensions, confusion and fear. All had only one prayer in mind – “Let everything go smooth”. And it did. The kids arrived in time, smiling and dressed in glitters, boosting the volunteer moral even more. With beautiful and energetic performances of the kids, and the coordination and hard work of the volunteers, “Nakshatra” finally became a dream come true!

So this edition of our Nakshatra newsletter takes you through the journey of the kids, their awesome performances and their beautiful creativity. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.