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MoM – All Projects Review Meeting – March 2013

MoM – All Projects Review Meeting – March 2013

– Centre wise review of all projects

– Orientation dates for all cities to be made available on the website’s homepage

– Kanini:to print ‘sight words’ chart for all centres

– Speak Out: to explore syllabus improvement

– NRO: Arts is ready for expanded pilot, Sports needs better structure, Dance volunteers need more practice and training

– LE: CAS centre suitable for trial of Educational Initiatives Software; needs to make training more interesting for the volunteers; needs to plan for kit usage in the second year (and analyse the integration of ‘samacheer’ syllabus

– HR: First class for new volunteers should be a good experience

– HR: Balance between students & professional volunteers during recruitment

– HR: Volunteer orientation Mela during May to complete recruitment needs before June

Attended by: Chandni, Ganapathy, Harikumar, Kathambari, Sriram, Aparna, Bhargav, Bhooma, Gurunath, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 16/03/13 Saturday @ Bhumi Office
MoM – Kanini Review Meet – Oct 2012 (28/10/12)

MoM – Kanini Review Meet – Oct 2012 (28/10/12)

Agenda Discussed
  • Major problems in Zones
  • Syllabus coverage: NIIT and MS tests
  • Teams: HR & Tech
  • Plans for next year: yours and for your zone
  • Succession plan, future leaders in your zone
  • Responsibilities to other cities
  1. Centre updates in GDocs
  2. No centre had Tech related issues!
  3. HR Team + Vaishnavi to focus on filling the gaps in Kanini volunteer requirement by re-imagining process
  4. HR: Increase volunteer bonding
  5. Kathambari + Vaishnavi to re-work Kanini at Orientation
  6. Kathambari + Syllabus team to provide solution for centres that aren’t likely to complete syllabus this year
  7. Gopal to restrict children at Home of Hope
  8. Chitlapakkam centre to be started only in 2013
Feedack given by Bhargav on Kanini:
  • Lack of processes
  • Lack of succession planning or grooming of leadership

Attended by: Kathambari, Jaishri, Gopalakrishnan, Bhargav & Dr.Prahalathan

3-5.30 PM @ Bhumi office on 28/10/12

MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

Centre issues
  • Ramakrishna Home (Akshya): Not enough class rooms > Bhargav to speak to management
  • Dr.PV Rao School (Ashwin): Two children joined mid-year; classes happening on the ground but vols have no issues; 1 centre Coordinator – 4 Batch Coordinator system to be properly implemented.
  • SISTWA (Aditya): 7/16 classes have been cancelled on Saturdays; 9-11 or 10-12 implement common time after discussing with Gopi
  • BM (Sathya): Children are also going to Kanini classes?!?!
  • YMCA (Raghavi): Place is still water logged leading to some difficulty; Bible classes and parents meets causing some difficulty towards conduct of classes
  • Seva Chakra (Nikita): Need a bureau to store stuff > Sriram; Donor visits are allowed to disturb classes
  • ICCW (Pritham): Needs male volunteers; PTA meet interfering with classes on 1st Sunday of every month
  • All centres have only 60-70% volunteer attendance on most days
  • Chronic errant volunteers to be made to quit
  • All volunteers to have access to their credit score and those who are unwilling to raise the score maybe asked to discontinue teaching
  • Speak Out has added only 50 volunteers from 486 people who walked in to the last 6 orientations. 110 volunteers selected SPO but 60 did not make it past the screening. so more orientations are needed.
  • Old volunteers continuing next year to go through commitment checks
  • Video of Mock teaching round to be circulated to volunteers post next orientation
  • All centres to submit reports after current round of tests to Hari and to respective centre managements
  • Log sheets not being updated on time (Vaish to follow up regularly)
  • Sajida & Bhooma trying out Phonics for one batch of children at RKH. They will explore this further with Genki & Vidyarambam
  • Need for ERP discussed > Credit scores to be publicised instead for now
  • Do children need to be informed prior about assessments?
  • Do we have to connect with teachers who teach our children English?
  • Project not in a position to expand further next year
  • Potential leadership for the next year remains to be identified.
Attended by: Harikumar, Vinod S, Zeba, Jegan, Pritham, Raghavi, Nithya, Nikita, Sajida, Aaditya, Ashwin L, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 18/11/12 Sunday, Bhumi Office @ 4pm
MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

Centre updates

  • MSS: Arts 16 children, no volunteer requirement
  • ICCW: Sports & Dance; Maximum 31 children including some special children. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 4
  • St.Xavier’s: Classes only once a week because of change of management: Arts, Sports and Dance planned from this week. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 8 | Sports: 4
Various Aspects of NRO 2012
  • Dance – Classical
  • Dance – Western
  • Music
  • Sports – Volleyball / Throw Ball
  • Sports – Athletics
  • Sports – Kho Kho (Only at St.Xaviers, not to be started at any new centre)
  • Sports – Chess
  • Arts
  • Arts: Chandni & Keerthana
  • Sports: Raj Thilak & Chanesh
  • Dance: Nirmala
  • HR: Volunteer requirement is severely affecting project and succession planning
  • Syllabus: NRO team, Volunteering Coordinators, Support team will all try to improve the syllabus
  • Orientation: Presentation needs a makeover with points from the team
Meeting 4-530 PM @ Bhumi Office
Attended by: Chandni, Prakash, Nirmala, Bhargav, Prahalathan, Vaishnavi, Sriram & Baish