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The Buzz is all about Leading…

The Buzz is all about Leading…

DISHA, an initiative of the MaFoi foundation, is an opportunity for children from disadvantaged background to believe in their strengths and rise beyond all odds to become grounded, educated and sensitive individuals of the society. It not only provides scholarship to the disadvantaged children but also equip them with leadership skills. Disha Leadership Programme, provides children an environment to learn,  act, and lead so that they can hone their skills, be productive and grow as concerned leaders. Disha Scholars from 8th standard onward undergo this programme till they finish their college. Recently Bhumi has partnered with DISHA to facilitate their leadership workshops for
class 11 children through its Lakshya program.

The first leadership workshop, focusing on communication and negotiation skills, was conducted on 17th Aug’14 wherein close to 45 students participated. The activity was “Junk Activity (Market Based)”,  where children negotiate to buy junks from the market and design a product based on creativity. The planning was very efficient right from the start and it was executed better than expected with minor tweaks. The major success was including the market concept in clear and precise manner which was executed perfectly. Though the activity was the same junk activity which was done every year, the additions such as including a stable market with a seller who negotiates his items (junk) based on demand and other small tweaks such as round robin fashion with multiple rounds for different teams to get their items with virtual money and at the same time having equal chance to get what they require has taken this activity to a whole new level.

Since they were 11th class children they were able to understand the concept quite easily and were very open to learn and talk with the volunteers which made the activity even better. The negotiation part of the activity was very neatly done between the children and the volunteer who acted as the seller in the market. Children were highly enthusiastic and creative in designing, while being shrewd and efficient in the negotiation part with the seller. It would have been even better if there was a way to promote negotiation between teams during execution. The only negative aspect was the time to execute this activity as it took longer than expected. Ideas such as explaining the activity stage by stage and showing the children a video on negotiation at the end of the activity were well received and it made the process smoother. Volunteers from DISHA were helpful and efficient in handling the children. They were very happy at the end result of the negotiation activity.

Three more leadership workshops have been planned in the months of Oct’14, Jan’15 and Feb’15 covering various other skills of leadership. We believe this partnership will help Bhumi-Lakshya in strengthening their abilities in conducting programs for higher grade children.


Holiday Note

Holiday Note

“Summer” the buzz word with all interpretations is here. The much awaited break for most of us; with the onset of April we start to spell out dreams; that I may do …. I may stop …. I may change… ‘Coz it’s may then…. Slowly we get back in tune for its June… 😛 then we let the dreams fly either into laments or into memories….
This is a tradition we have accustomed ourselves as a  way, of breaking a habitroutine. But there is an even more adorable touch to it; remember those old school days wherein we get out for summer and get in with our summer assignments…
So ripples also wishes this holiday season with a gentle assignment; if you would care to take it up. It’s a one word assignment; an assignment that is fun working and assessing… It’s an assignment that we prefer most volunteers take up… Its called “Share… “.
You may send in anything that falls in the realm of sharing (your articles; artworks; emotions 😉 etc…)… Under the subject “SHARE” to [email protected]
Well Ideas too are worth a share… So why not…
Yeah mainly enjoy your holidays. For those who haven’t got one; take it up from these assignments…. ‘Coz life is what we make it…

India Fellow Leadership Progam

India Fellow Leadership Progam

Here is your chance to make a difference.

Join the India Fellow Leadership Program 2014!

We are looking to recruit passionate young individuals who will make a positive social impact in their society, in our country or even the world but most importantly in their own lives. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius!

Image 01Go on a thirteen months long exciting journey to address problems and issues that are worth solving. Get a first-hand experience of challenges on the ground with NGOs and social enterprises. Fellows will be supported throughout their journey through trainings, coaching and reflection meetings. You will be living and working closely with other fellows during your fellowship. As you embark on a career of social change, you will find this network of extremely valuable.

Throughout the program you will be on a journey where you will lead by listening, observing, acting and reflecting. Ideas will be created every day, you will discover what you want to do with your own lives and learn to turn your ideas into reality. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our Fellows have to say about their Fellowship experience at  http://indiafellow.org/fellowship-stories/

India Fellow program is not for everyone. It’s for those who are not afraid to get lost or confused. Those who believe that not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.

We are looking to recruit from a diverse yet competitive pool of talented, passionate individuals from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. In the selection process, we are seeking to understand your passion and values.

So apply today to get lost and discover your journey.  To find out more visit www.indiafellow.org.