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Sharing a Dream…

Sacrificed a Dream for many dreams…
We sleep normally with dreams; here we volunteers sacrificed our one day’s dream (sleep) to fulfil the dreams of many because it is “Nakshatra”. This is the third nakshatra for Trichy and it got bigger with 20+ homes, 800+ kids and 200+ volunteers. But this is my first nakshatra, the main thing that inspired me of all the great things here were that of the judges were students from one of the best colleges around. Breaking the convention of very high profile judges who usually show-off and most of them normally don’t talk


Winners of Nakshatra 2014 Chennai- Sevalaya Team Receiving the Trophy From Ayyanar. Dr.Prahalathan, Vaishnavi, and Ganapathy are also seen

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Plans spanning 2014-15

Just as history reminds you; the buzzword in Lakshya is always strategic planning; the word out in town is about “the style of pedagogy”, which is to design a learning classroom environment; apart from that various additions and procedures are to be tested this year. On board this year; ripples gets in to you a few perceptions from the brains behind on all possible charted plans for this academic year.

Srinivasan from Trichy Lakshya team says,” The aim this year is to benefit more children by extending the project in more centres this year. We are also about to start a workshop module in Deeksha home for the first time in Trichy. The mentoring will be started soon with the help of trained mentors; unlike last year. To improve internal volunteers’ coordination many activities are to be planned. Lakshya Inductions won’t go like seminar classes any more; instead it shall be more of a discussion session with interesting activities. As usual, Lakshyans are always ready to prepare the kids to appear in global competitions like DFC etc… Moreover the syllabus prescribed by the syllabus development team shall be followed. “

Mathpal from Chennai Lakshya Team says,” Unlike in the past; where we used to work on modules on just on a random run, now clear demarcations of modules and sub-module categorization by the syllabus development team will help us better the work in the forthcoming academic year. Since the categorization also has also incorporated the logical flow implicitly; I think this year shall be more efficient.”

Wish of a story

Wish of a story

Here is a cute message from our volunteer Srinivasan; as you read you would know whom it is addressed too…..

When I was a child, my granny used to say “if you don’t behave well, Saami kanna kuthidum”. I took it serious at that time. I haven’t committed any kind of mischief; just by blindly adhering to her words and obeying her. Because of zero awareness, the phrase got attached deep to my heart and I behaved very well.  But now while thinking about it i get to know; why she had told me so? I.e. just to build me as a generous man and to make my life ecstatic.
Belief system in our body plays the major role in our life. Psychology says that if our belief system is attacked, we would never hear to anyone saying things against it. For example, the word ‘confidence’ lies in that belief system of mine. Thus my granny attacked my belief system by the phrase ‘Saami kanna kuthidum.’
Think about it, if not atheist, about the god you pray daily, Rama, Jesus or Allah. He might have been a leader to certain people, who took care of the people very well; with affection, love and care. He had been to spread the purity. He had ruled his people with greatness. He had given his life for the people. He has lead during the enemy attacks. He had come first to face the challenge. He might have won the hearts. He might have spread the spiritual awareness; and even spent his whole life with selfless attitude. Thus, the perfect leader, a ruler or a king has been worshiped as God. They were made as God to us; it is nothing but an attack in our belief system. Even Almighty Allah might have never been seen by his greatness Nabigal Nayagam.
He might have had told so just to enrich our life to feel the pureness- the emptiness- the happiness. The holy books might have been made by the one who has learned from his failures in his life and written for the future so that we can learn from them; or it might be written as formulae of life for future generation. Thus it is our awareness that results in the belief we hold today.  The photos, the sculptures we worship daily might have been the leaders, the rulers or the kings who might have lived long ago.
I dedicate this short article to my friend, to a man, to a King, to Parvez (which means King), Living yet leading beside us; Mohammed Arshath Parvez, wishing him an advance happy birthday.

Holiday Note

Holiday Note

“Summer” the buzz word with all interpretations is here. The much awaited break for most of us; with the onset of April we start to spell out dreams; that I may do …. I may stop …. I may change… ‘Coz it’s may then…. Slowly we get back in tune for its June… 😛 then we let the dreams fly either into laments or into memories….
This is a tradition we have accustomed ourselves as a  way, of breaking a habitroutine. But there is an even more adorable touch to it; remember those old school days wherein we get out for summer and get in with our summer assignments…
So ripples also wishes this holiday season with a gentle assignment; if you would care to take it up. It’s a one word assignment; an assignment that is fun working and assessing… It’s an assignment that we prefer most volunteers take up… Its called “Share… “.
You may send in anything that falls in the realm of sharing (your articles; artworks; emotions 😉 etc…)… Under the subject “SHARE” to [email protected]
Well Ideas too are worth a share… So why not…
Yeah mainly enjoy your holidays. For those who haven’t got one; take it up from these assignments…. ‘Coz life is what we make it…

Volunteer chronicles – Romeo

Volunteer chronicles – Romeo

On a crisp chat with Romeo Trichy:
# What was your inspiration to join Bhumi?

“Bhumi? “;
“What is BHUMI?” This was a million dollar question in my college SARANATHAN during early days… Then i came to know it is an NGO (Chapter) that Laxmi n Ranjani have established together in Trichy and they are going to work for Kids who are in need of knowledge not money… The tag line CHANGE TODAY CHANGE TOMORROW literally inspired me….And i became a part of it… Laxmi Narayanan is always my inspiration… His sense of timing (Punctuality), problem solving ability, capacity to handle any kind of situation at any time… All this made him a sense of inspiration for…

 # What were your ‘learning’s and ‘take-aways from Lakshya; or why Lakshya?

Why Lakshya? Well it has no structured syllabus. It gives more space for experimenting; our own ideas and mentoring… That’s it…

 # What is your personal interest and development after joining us?

After joining Bhumi; I started thinking from the point of view of a kid; what they needed and how could I (a volunteer)? Fulfill their needs. This is what i started doing at home. Thinking from; my parents’ point of view. And now they all say “Romeo vara vara romba porupa erukan… “

 # What are your further interests in betterment of yourself and Bhumi?

Further interest is to bring in more than 1000 kids for this year’s (2014) nakshatra. Since i was a part of last year’s liaison team. Moreover this time too i will continue in that!!
– Lakshmi, chennai

Interview with vivek rajan

Interview with vivek rajan

pic 1

Hi; first of all congrats for your married life. Since your life is so full of Bhumi volunteering; with your partner also being a Bhumi volunteer; can you tell us; how and when you joined Bhumi? And a few words about you?

Thank you!!I was born in the sceni district of Kanyakumari, as the only son to my parents. I soon shifted my base to Chennai where I had my Schooling. It was in 6th standard at my school I met the future Mrs.Vivek. After school I joined A GOVT COLLEGE at Chennai (CEG, Anna University) and did my B.E, Mechanical there. My destiny pushed me to Trichy despite job offers at ASCENDAS & TIDEL PARK; Then I joined the typical SARKARI-BABU company; “BHEL” like any other Indian in 2009. To a lot of people, a “turning point” would be an incident which leads to something better or bad in their lives. I too had one such incident on the night of June 09 of 2011 at Trichy, when I met with an accident. But i had no idea while I was literally being turned inside out on a hospital’s operating table.

After that harrowing experience, I had loads of time to introspect. A lot of questions popped up in my mind, like, “Will my death create any loss to someone; other than my family & friends?”

The answer was “no” and It really put me down. As always; I turned to the one with answers to all my problems, my best half- Rumana; she then explained about Bhumi and told that it would really be an up-lifting experience if I engaged myself in it. I was like “why not?” and registered myself for the orientation on june-13 after getting my feet back, (literally: p) been a Bhumian from then!!

 That’s inspiring and romantic too; 😉 Hearing so much on your choice of Bhumi there has to be a lot of moments; which are close to your heart… Can you share a few with us?  

 After starting this year’s Lakshya session, I had to visit the center; alone; for some follow-up work; I met with a champ to ask about the whereabouts of the warden. Since I had forgotten his name; I asked him “What is your name?”
He replied ‘”Vivek Anna, My name is Arjun. You and other annas & akkas have visited us only once but we will never forget your names, just try not to forget ours”
From that day I tried my best to be regular to my sessions and remember the kids ‘by name’.
After my marriage I visited the kids accompanied with my wife. They immediately swarmed around us and started congratulating. They also sang some songs in Tamil wishing both of us.
My wife’s only question was what did you do for these kids? The answer was “I am yet to start.”

You have started so much inside us; can you share a few words on how much being a mentor cum volunteer in Bhumi helped you in your life?

As i told you before, being the only child of working parents, I used to find solitude as my best companion. It made me a bit of an introvert. Being a mentor, is a chance to open up and test my latent communication skills. And being with mentors of my age group or older (pun intended 🙂 ) it also helped build my social skills

What are the things that you love and despise in Bhumi?

In Bhumi: I love the informal way of working; having seriousness where it is needed and the sense of belonging among all volunteers. Most of all the high level of maturity of all volunteers; who are in their teens. As in Despise; I despise the fact that there is nothing to hate.

What is your view and perspective on volunteering? And finally anything you want to share to us to enhance our volunteering experience?

Volunteering was something innate in the Indian Culture; it is slowly being eroded in this modern era. Very few people get to say that “I am back” in Billa Ajith style after facing a round and then get to realize the need to better oneself  in version 2.0 like I did.
So as youngsters we should embrace this gift of life & always remember the words of Frost

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Flash mob@Trichy

Flash mob@Trichy

It was an idea which sparkled in the neurons of one of the volunteers that was made beyond the expectations of all; which stopped the people moving in the Chatram bus stand, just to look exclaimed! Yeah..!! It was a flash mob made by the crew of bhumi volunteers along with three professional dancers with loud speakers and peppy songs blowing over it. The objective was to get the attraction of the crowd to open their eyes about shelter less people living under flyovers, platforms, bus stands, railway stations, etc. across the city; to get a good home for them and to get rid of the problems they face during natural calamities. After the flash mob, the rally would star from the busstand and extend till Ibrahim park.

While we heard the word flash mob, we started to lookout for expert dancers. Within a day, we got three professional dancers and few more interested volunteers joined for a dance with them. The experts gave a day of practice to 15 volunteers and it was fun being a part of the practice sessions. As it was a public performance, there were some rules and restrictions. After taking everything into the legs, those volunteers went with lot of excitement.

The very next day  surrounded by police force, with lot of curiosity in the eyes of the volunteers, the flashmob started to the music on the speakers. It was an amazing moment to make the crowd to turn by the surprising, sudden dance moves of our volunteers.  Not to miss the cute steps of some unpracticed volunteers which were also caught in cams by dedicated photographers.  The volunteers who danced in such a crowded bus stand made the people standstill.  After the dance; Abdul, a bold volunteer, took over the microphone and addressed the crowd with awesome phrases and quotes. After his speech, the rally started.

The response we got from the people filled our hearts with emotions for the efforts that we put in!!

~ Srinivasan.N


Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Trichy

Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Trichy

Following with our series on Lakshya Kick-off at Chennai centres, we are back with updates from our Bangalore & Trichy Lakshya centres. Lets hear it out from our Trichy volunteers directly:

“It was my first session with the kids after becoming a part of Bhumi and it was highly satisfying. It gave some purpose to the otherwise mundane sundays which I spend by sleeping in. I couldn’t ask for a better team than Lakshya to be a part of. You guys are all young and energetic (takes me back a few years wen i was in col) and it is highly contagious. After a couple of more sessions of icebreakers I think we can start planning our road-map for the year. Am sure that we will have a long and fruitful association with the children and co-volunteers.”

– Vivek Rajan, Maanavar Illam, Trichy
“The inaugural session at Maanavar Illam, Trichy on 30th day of June 2013, a SUNday BRIGHTER than usual, an hour of discussion before the session made us get close to one another and we came to know many things about one another. 🙂 Being the inaugral session, planned for the proper execution of the activities… After an hour, started the activities with the ice breaker of virtual volley ball, which made the kids interact with us very well… everyone of us came to know the names of all the kids. 🙂 Thereafter we conducted two activities after which we all sat together with the kids and shared the things we came to know through the activities conducted. And asked the kids to write the things discussed and learnt while coming for the next session. And promised to reward those who do so with chocolates. 🙂 After the session, as rats were running in all our stomachs 😛 Decided to hangout somewhere for supper… Finally ended up with a dinner. 😉 Discussed a lot as our tongues tasted the delicious food… Decided that, neither the rings nor the vibrations of the mobiles will disturb the activities from next session!!! Had a great tym, first tym, the strangers got sooo close in a couple of hours as best friends… even though we were not of same age group!!! Finally, this day, made me feel that, today, even Lakshya stands as a reason for Bhumi revolving on its axis in Trichy!!! 🙂 Trichy, being the city which has given many talents and leaders to this world, happy that, lakshya has started leading and helping many talents identify themselves and achieve their Lakshya (dream)!!!”
– Arshath (MAP), City Coordinator, Trichy