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Workshop by AWARE on preventing child abuse

AWARE is conduction workshop on preventing child sexual abuse for all Bhumi volunteers, as part of mission #SaveTheSmiles. The workshop is intended to train volunteers in recognising problems/abuse, if any, faced by children in your shelter homes and community centres.

Date: 29 Oct 2017, Sunday
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Venue: Snack Experts, No: 160/R48, TVS avenue main road, Anna Nagar West extension, Chennai 600101 | Landmark: Opposite to GreenTrends | Map
Contact: 95519 93391

This workshop is for every adult who feels deeply about preventing child sexual abuse and might want to reach a place of empathy and preparedness about it. By attending this training, you will gain:

  • Increased awareness of the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse
  • Skills to help prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse
  • Awareness of effective organizational policies and procedures
  • Individual empowerment through prevention planning

B to Z Contest

B to Z Contest

Bhumi gives you a perfect opportunity to become the ‘Centre Coordinator of the month‘.

This is a contest between centre coordinators’ teams of all Ignite projects in the city.

  • All of us understand the importance of tracking (to understand further please speak to a Lead Bhumi coordinator in your city), measuring and communicating what we do.
  • Bhumi is shifting to Zoho (B to Z) to track all of it and as a first step we will begin with class attendance of children and volunteers.
  • “B to Z” is to find out the best team of volunteers at centre level in each city and across the country who care the most for the impact of their work and are tracking the same effectively.
  • This contest is to reward the centre level coordinator for weekly attendance entries in Zoho and also the yearly BAT & EYA assessment entries.


  • Have to submit all the Student database immediately after the class initiation
  • Have to submit both Volunteer and Student attendance on starting on the class using Zoho creator mobile app
  • Have to complete BAT data entry in Zoho within 4 classes from class initiation (if applicable).


  • Certificate of Social Responsibility will only be given to Ignite volunteers who has more than 75% attendance record in Zoho creator.
  • So, it is the main responsibility of the Centre coordinator to make sure their team mates attendance are marked and never gets missed out or else they will not get the certificate.

100% AWARD

Every year during Bhumi Day, 100% attendance award will be given to volunteers based on the attendance record in Zoho creator.


Your team will recognised as the Centre Coordinator of the month and photos will be shared in Workplace every month.

MANDATORY PROCEDURE (Regular Classroom Procedure)

  • The Center Coordinator must go to class 10 minutes early compulsorily
  • Assemble all the volunteer and students
  • Note down the Volunteers and Students present & absent
  • Open Zoho creator mobile app
  • Select the date and mark the names in the list
  • In the comment section mention the syllabus for current class and submit

ZOHO TUTORIALS – Click here to watch

Fundraising workshop for volunteers

Bhumi is conducting a workshop on Fundraising and its importance for Bhumi. All Bhumi volunteers can participate.

Who is it for?

  • For beginners, professionals and anyone in between.
  • All you need is the enthusiasm for learning and implementing it!

On the agenda:

  • Importance of Fundraising for Bhumi
  • Fundraising Mantra
  • Individual fundraising and importance
  • Concept of SCCOI
  • Closing the loop

Bhumi Photography Workshop | Chennai

Bhumi is conducting a photography workshop for its volunteers on

Date: 16th July 2016, Sunday
Time: 10 am to 11:30 am
Venue: Bhumi Office

Who is it for?
For beginners, professionals and anyone in between.
All you need is the enthusiasm for learning and implementing it!

What do you need to bring?
Best if you have access to a DSLR  (any lens) or point & shoot camera. If you own a camera, it will be best for you and fellow participants to learn effectively in the workshop!

What will you learn?
Camera technique
Analysis of light & conditions
Composition and aesthetics
Posing models, composition tips
About photographs and its impact on social media

Volunteer chronicles – Romeo

Volunteer chronicles – Romeo

On a crisp chat with Romeo Trichy:
# What was your inspiration to join Bhumi?

“Bhumi? “;
“What is BHUMI?” This was a million dollar question in my college SARANATHAN during early days… Then i came to know it is an NGO (Chapter) that Laxmi n Ranjani have established together in Trichy and they are going to work for Kids who are in need of knowledge not money… The tag line CHANGE TODAY CHANGE TOMORROW literally inspired me….And i became a part of it… Laxmi Narayanan is always my inspiration… His sense of timing (Punctuality), problem solving ability, capacity to handle any kind of situation at any time… All this made him a sense of inspiration for…

 # What were your ‘learning’s and ‘take-aways from Lakshya; or why Lakshya?

Why Lakshya? Well it has no structured syllabus. It gives more space for experimenting; our own ideas and mentoring… That’s it…

 # What is your personal interest and development after joining us?

After joining Bhumi; I started thinking from the point of view of a kid; what they needed and how could I (a volunteer)? Fulfill their needs. This is what i started doing at home. Thinking from; my parents’ point of view. And now they all say “Romeo vara vara romba porupa erukan… “

 # What are your further interests in betterment of yourself and Bhumi?

Further interest is to bring in more than 1000 kids for this year’s (2014) nakshatra. Since i was a part of last year’s liaison team. Moreover this time too i will continue in that!!
– Lakshmi, chennai

Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteering Opportunity

iVolunteer, India’s largest volunteering organization, is delighted to introduce Impact Projects – an opportunity for  individuals to share their skills in the area of HR, Marketing, Technology or Communications and make a difference to the lives of people.

iVolunteer has partnered with NGOs to support  them with Impact Project and we urgently require volunteers to help in the following areas of communication:

S.No Name of the Organisation Brief about the Organisation Impact Project  Requirement


Cross Blood  Foundation Conducts blood donation camps and support patients who require blood in 3 Govt hospitals (GH, Stanley and  ICH) in Chennai     www.crossbloodfoundation.org 1.Annual Report-Content and design
2.Website-Content and design
3.Create Poster for their projects


Mary Anne Charitable Trust NGO that works for child rights, environment, Health, Advocacy and Resource center. http://www.mactindia.org/ 1.Newsletter-Writing Content
2.Website-Review and revamp the content and design
3.Brochure for the Organisation (content and design)


FORWORD Organisation that works for the empowerment and wholistic development of women and children (runs 13 supplementary education center to rural and  coastal areas in Chennai).More than 600 students are benefitted through their programmes. 1.Website-Content and design
2.Power point presentation -content
3.Annual Report-Content and design


Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust Organisation that empower underprivileged children by providing them education, scholarship, health care, cultural activities etc.   www.iniyaudaiyam.org.in 1.Brochure for the Organisation (content and design)
2.Website-content and design
3.Annual Report-Consolidate Content and design


Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust  Home for mentally challenged, abandoned children. They also focuses on rehabilitation through education and therapies. There are currently 100 inmates. http://www.sriarunodayam.org/ 1.Writing case study of the beneficiaries in  the Organisation
2.Power point presentation-Content and  design


Bro Siga Animation Center BSAC focus on education ,health care, cultural and child rights for children in Vysarpadi, Chennai  http://www.bsacngo.org/ 1.Website-Review and revamp the content and design
2.Power point presentation-Content and  design

iVolunteer is in need of interested, committed, skilled volunteers who can provide help and support to the above mentioned NGOs. Those interested, can contact the below mentioned phone no/email for further details and facilitation.
Sophia- 9840740854  / [email protected]

Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Trichy

Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Trichy

Following with our series on Lakshya Kick-off at Chennai centres, we are back with updates from our Bangalore & Trichy Lakshya centres. Lets hear it out from our Trichy volunteers directly:

“It was my first session with the kids after becoming a part of Bhumi and it was highly satisfying. It gave some purpose to the otherwise mundane sundays which I spend by sleeping in. I couldn’t ask for a better team than Lakshya to be a part of. You guys are all young and energetic (takes me back a few years wen i was in col) and it is highly contagious. After a couple of more sessions of icebreakers I think we can start planning our road-map for the year. Am sure that we will have a long and fruitful association with the children and co-volunteers.”

– Vivek Rajan, Maanavar Illam, Trichy
“The inaugural session at Maanavar Illam, Trichy on 30th day of June 2013, a SUNday BRIGHTER than usual, an hour of discussion before the session made us get close to one another and we came to know many things about one another. 🙂 Being the inaugral session, planned for the proper execution of the activities… After an hour, started the activities with the ice breaker of virtual volley ball, which made the kids interact with us very well… everyone of us came to know the names of all the kids. 🙂 Thereafter we conducted two activities after which we all sat together with the kids and shared the things we came to know through the activities conducted. And asked the kids to write the things discussed and learnt while coming for the next session. And promised to reward those who do so with chocolates. 🙂 After the session, as rats were running in all our stomachs 😛 Decided to hangout somewhere for supper… Finally ended up with a dinner. 😉 Discussed a lot as our tongues tasted the delicious food… Decided that, neither the rings nor the vibrations of the mobiles will disturb the activities from next session!!! Had a great tym, first tym, the strangers got sooo close in a couple of hours as best friends… even though we were not of same age group!!! Finally, this day, made me feel that, today, even Lakshya stands as a reason for Bhumi revolving on its axis in Trichy!!! 🙂 Trichy, being the city which has given many talents and leaders to this world, happy that, lakshya has started leading and helping many talents identify themselves and achieve their Lakshya (dream)!!!”
– Arshath (MAP), City Coordinator, Trichy
Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Bengaluru

Lakshya 2013 Kick-off @ Bengaluru

Following with our series on Lakshya Kick-off at Chennai centres, we are back with updates from our Bangalore & Trichy Lakshya centres. Lets hear it out from one of our Bangalore volunteer:

“It was my first day at Bhumi for lakshya session. My team met up at BBMP High School in Bangalore. We started off with a group discussion on how do we carry out the activity which was planned. All of us were involved in carrying out a demo before starting it with the children. We were prepared and walked to the school play ground. We carried out the activities with enthusiasm and I must say that it was truly an ice breaker. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. The children were also very happy. Also, I observed that a few of the children were very creative in executing the activity in a completely different way. Overall, I had an amazingly wonderful experience being with them, getting to know them as well and also I had a very good and valuable time with these children who look forward for support, guidance and trust. I thank Bhumi and Lakshya for giving me this opportunity to contribute for a better tomorrow.”

– Chethna, BBMP High School, Bangalore

Lakshya Kick-off 2013

Lakshya Kick-off 2013

June has been an amazing month for Lakshya. With a huge bunch of new volunteers joining us from the Orientation held in May-June, most of us have been super busy preparing for a fresh academic year. This year, we have expanded to newer centres in Chennai itself. 🙂

Not only did we have multiple induction sessions, we also kicked off the inaugural sessions at all our centres in Chennai this month. Not to forget about overwhelming response of the new members, who have officially been baptized into Lakshya 😉

Ripples team has made an attempt to capture their fresh experience.

“Located about 2 kms off OMR, the place is a single hall of roughly 10 feet by 25 feet. We were anticipating a rugged set of kids based on the initial contact we had made with the caretaker of the place. But the 24 odd kids who turned up were surprisingly well-behaved, contrary to the warning we had received. We engaged them in initial introductions. Though cricket, football, volleyball were the most popular responses amongst the guys there was one interesting response from the handful of girls who turned up – she mentioned that she likes to study. It was wonderful to hear someone say that out loud.

To break the ice and connect with the kids, we started off with an activity which they would be able to relate to easily. We chose simple questions like studies or sports, math or science and asked them to move around to each of the four walls depending on their choice – A, B, neither A nor B, both A and B. This elicited excitement in the kids especially when we put up questions related to the favourite actors and food preferences. Few of them began to open up and pass jovial comments or two. The other kids followed their lead and began voicing their opinions on what the next questions should be. The kids had a good amount of fun.

Next up was the balloon race where they were split into teams of three and asked to play a relay race. They were asked to blow up the balloon from one end of the wall, release it into the air and moving to the point where it fell down and continue this till they reached the other end of the wall. All 8 members in each team had to do this to complete the race and the more mature kids passed on techniques to the younger ones on how to get it done fast. It was great to see the team spirit they portrayed in the course of this event.

The finale for the day was a good old game of dumb charades. Following that, a few kids came up on stage to exhibit their talent on the dance floor and their native folk (gaana) song. At the end of the two hour session, most kids wanted more to come. We took a quick survey of what they wished to learn in the coming months and figured that some of them were ambitious. They mentioned that they wished to learn to play most sports, to learn more of the current affairs and wanted help with their studies. It was the perfect crowd for our Bhumi’s Lakshya program. The volunteers will get a good opportunity to help and guide them with their dreams.

Being a first timer at Lakshya I was looking forward to this day. And I can strongly say that I will remember the 29th of June, 2013 for the rest of my life. The joy and earnest enthusiasm in the kids, the sparkle in their eyes when they got the answers right during dumb charades – those are the intangibles which cannot be obtained anywhere else. Hopefully we volunteers will get to learn and grow along with the children at this centre.”

– Akhilesh, PBC Kandanchavadi, Chennai

“This is my very first experience in handling kids of 15 to 16 yrs. It was really useful as it taught me how kids of various backgrounds get groomed. I would say that their circle of people and the kind of environment is being the detrimental factor in their childhood grooming. But I could see a lot of innate potential skills in them as good as normal children of their age. All they need is just our tendering and support and the right ambience for them to groove their skills with little focus on changing their lifestyle. Overall, it taught me certain aspects like patience, tolerance, perseverance in changing their attitude and helped me locate my interest too!”

Akshaya Harini, Bala Mandir, T.Nagar, Chennai

Lakshya team in Chennai has had an exciting month. What happened in the Bangalore and Trichy chapters of Lakshya?? Coming up in the next edition 🙂

A Peep into Lakshya Induction

A Peep into Lakshya Induction

LAK CHE Induction 2013

As I signed up for Lakshya during the orientation, I was called to take part in the induction session at Balamandir on G.N Chetty Road on June 30th, to get to know more about Lakshya and its various activities. As luck may have it, I ended up reaching the induction almost an hour late!

The security guard at the gate saw the rush in me and thankfully guided me to the right room. I entered and saw a sizable group of 6-7 people sitting on the mat in a circle and looking at the screen on a presentation keenly. Looking at the watch and looking at my worried expressions the team decided to ask me to do an ice breaker activity wherein I was asked to do something to entertain the group! I chose to conduct a drawing analysis test, I had learnt a few weeks back from a friend, on the new joiners sitting there. Thankfully Ramya agreed to take part in it wholeheartedly. Leaving the details aside, I can tell you that my findings (actually wild guesses) were rather well appreciated and accepted! Hope she is not reading this article 🙂

After I was done with my test and the group had introduced itself, we were taken through a very informative presentation on Lakshya and its various activities. Until then, I had just heard them speak about various activities in a very broad manner but this session actually introduced us to various activities in which the volunteers can engage themselves as a part of the team. It was quite encouraging to note that Lakshya team really believes in a “two- way” transfer of knowledge and mentors here actually get a chance to learn something back from the organization.

Done with the presentation and introduction, our (g)hosts 😛 decided to introduce us to the real difficulties, which we will be required to tackle as part of team Lakshya by asking us to take part in a role playing game. In this game all the joiners were divided into groups of two in which one took the role of a mentor and the other, the role of a student. Both the partners in the group were supposed to alternate between the two roles and get to know each other in the process. It was actually a very creative way to make us experience the dynamics of mentorship. I ended up learning that mentorship is not really about giving solutions to the problems that a child may be facing, rather it’s more about building a rapport and comfort level with that child. Rest everything takes care of itself! Obviously this requires lot of patience and commitment from the mentor’s side.We ended this role playing game by watching a humorous video of Kamal Hassan in which he tries to tackle a tough kid!

Before concluding the session the table was left open for any doubts or questions that the new joiners might have. I had a couple of questions myself and they were duly clarified! All in all it was a wonderful session and I really look forward to taking part in various activities and building team Lakshya!


– Rahul Aggarwal, Lakshya Chennai